So tomorrow is Valentine’s Day! The one day a year that for some they express an exuberant abundance of love and affection towards others because well its Valentine’s Day lol. Since being married I have learned what it means to love someone each and every day. That no matter the struggles or trials of the day at the end of it all there is still LOVE. Love is more than candies, roses, balloons, and cards. Love is a feeling, an emotion, those little butterflies you get in your stomach. That is in my opinion how love should make you feel. Anybody know what I am talking about? So not only is tomorrow Valentine’s Day but Tuesday is the hubs BIRTHDAY! So he’s in for a double-dose of loving ;D. This weekend myself and the hubs will be doing a little special celebrating at a Neo-Soul concert. It is his favorite artist so I had to make sure to jump on those tickets when I saw that she was coming!

Today is also a very special day for a young couple I know who will be getting married this afternoon. I decided to send them a poem I found by Terah Cox titled “An Uncommon Love.” It reads…

May you have the love
only two can know
May you go where only
two as one may go
May the sun rise and set
in your bonded hearts
and the moon never find you
too long apart
May you cherish each other’s
dreams as your own
and turn all stumbling blocks
into stepping stones
May you brave life’s mountains
and miles together
May there be no storm
your love cannot weather
May you always be lovers
and allies and friends
May your souls’ conversation
never end
May you capture on earth
what’s in heaven above
May your hearts know the rapture
of an uncommon love.

Wishing them an eternity of love and happiness!

So Girlfriend what is LOVE to you? How will you celebrate your Valentine this year?

Wishing each of you a WONDERFUL VALENTINE’S DAY!

sig TW