Greetings! As I mentioned in an earlier post about trying to find a new hobby…..well by George I think I got it!!!!!! The adventures of sweet treats. Now I will post everything from epic fails to totally successful. Don’t judge me too bad lol. It’s all about trial and error and making it work as Tim Gunn would say :). It all started with looking for ideas and color schemes for an upcoming baby shower that I will be hosting. Pinterest will have you believing that you can do any of these ideas because every pin says it’s just that simple. Well, so I don’t look like real CRAY CRAY at the shower, I needed to put some of these ideas to the test. Granted, I have been trying to perfect buttercream icing for a few weeks and experimenting with some of the pins I found, but this week I am tackling something new…candy pretzels. It all came about in a conversation with a coworker doing a gender reveal get together for her sister’s baby. She was trying to come up with some sweet treat ideas. Little did I know that everything I threw out there I would be making lol. So this week I am tackling candy pretzels and cake pops. I’ll update soon with more pics. Tell me how I did…epic fail or total success?!?!?!?!?


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A sample of the finished project. Would you place an order?!?!?!?!?