So I’m about that “planner-life” LOL. But no seriously I am! I enjoy being a Weddings & Events Planner. This habit (bad-habit as some see it lol) developed back when I was in high school… I would help plan family functions and birthday parties. People started telling me how good I was at it and how much they hated the logistics of planning and appreciated my help. I also have always been rather crafty and absolutely LOVE diy projects!!! The best part of it all for me is having a creative outlet. Being a planner there’s never a dull moment of replication/duplication… there’s always a way to make something different than before, customized to suit each individual.

Proverbs 16:9 ~ The heart of man plans his way, but the Lord establishes his steps. (ESV)

This scripture reminds me that no matter how much I plan, God still has control over my steps. I love having the opportunity to plan and watch things come to life. I thank God that in all of my planning He still takes control and shifts things the way He sees fit. For me, as a planner things don’t just stop at weddings and events. I menu plan, blog plan, workout plan, craft plan- you name it I “plan” for it first… as much as possible. I like having an agenda/to-do list, I really should buy stock in Post-Its, I literally write lists and notes all day long and stick them wherever needed for me to get things done! You can look forward to March being the Baby Shower month for me! There are three showers currently in the making for this month and the anticipation of seeing these final reveals is killing me. I’m so excited to share with you, just what being about that “planner-life” is for me right here!! So cheers to the weekend ladies! I’ve got 100 hand sanitizer labels to cut and glue ~ pray for me LOL.

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