Hellloooo!!!!!!! I’m excited this week. I get to practice a bit more on my new found hobby. I’m baking Sugar Cookies 🙂 I’ve Google’d and YouTube’d and Google’d some more to find a good starter recipe. All that I’ve found list the same ingredients with minor variations; some uses heavy whipping cream, cream cheese, or baking powder vs baking soda. So I’ve stuck with a simple recipe from a YouTube channel that I subscribed to. Now I believe they came out PERFECT, but to me they taste more like short bread cookies rather than sugar cookies 🙂 I didn’t roll the cookie cut-outs/dough in sugar before baking them, so that could be a potential reason for the not-so-sugar cookie taste. Nevertheless, this still makes the list of a keeper recipe. If you have any tips, tricks, or advice for me to try out please let me know! Pictures coming soon (after the baby shower).

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