Reality is I’m 5’9” and 248lbs! Apple-shaped with a “heavy” face (as I see it). I went to the doctor earlier this week and he made the suggestion of a more aggressive approach to tackle my weight loss. This approach includes taking prescribed appetite suppressants, intermittent fasting (only eating between 12p-8p), counting calories through MFP, and exercising for at least 30mins 3 times a day! I figured if I’m going to be “real” about this blog and my weight loss journey than I may as well put myself out here! My next appointment is in 4 weeks and I want to be sure to blow him and myself away =D. I mean it’s very depressing to me when I look in the mirror and think of the way I treat my temple that God has only temporarily lent to me. How dare I? Now I’m like lets do this thing and be intentional about it! So I’m holding ALL my GIRLFRIENDS (umm, yes this means YOU) accountable in being my accountability partners!!!

So to begin I hurried back to work and messaged my GIRLFRIENDS (yes we really do message each other literally everyday) to let them know how my appointment went. They are all very supportive (of course!) and Erin even suggested we have a “GIRLFRIENDS. walking pact” in which we all agree to use our lunch times/breaks to go for a walk! We all agreed and I’m looking forward to sharing my lunch time with my GIRLFRIENDS in spirit knowing they’re doing the same in supporting a healthy lifestyle.

My next plan of attack (I told yall I was about that “planner-life” LOL) began with learning what exercises are targeted towards my apple-shaped body type. In simple: an apple-shaped body is one that mainly carries fat around your middle section. I researched and found that the best exercises for my shape are core work and cardio! I also learned what type of diet (diet in terms of healthy eating lifestyle change) is best for my shape. My body type favors eating complex carbs, moderate quality proteins, and avoiding refined carbs! The breakdown looks like this 50% complex carbs, 30% high-quality proteins, 20% healthy fats.

So in the weeks to come I’m excited to share my progress and any tips, tricks, recipes, etc. I incorporate along the way. I want ALL of my GIRLFRIENDS- yes ALL of YOU to be the best “YOU” you can be and that means living a healthy lifestyle, so that you can be more effective and at your best as a woman, a wife, a mother, a daughter, a sister, an aunt, at whatever capacity you hold. Well ladies- what’s your reality? (no you don’t have to share your current weight ;)) Are you on a weight loss journey? Have any tips, tricks, etc that have been successful for you? Do you need me to be your personal accountability partner? I am here for you and hope you are certainly here for me!!

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