How it all started…The Journey Leading up to 12/6/2014

Catch up here…So after the first few messages and some phone conversations, we decided to meet in person. Being the gentleman, he came to see me in North Carolina. We had a planned but not really planned out weekend (or at least Saturday). We like to call it our marathon of dates lol. We always joked about how we had 3 dates in one day. We did breakfast at IHOP, walked downtown to an art gallery, bowling, and later dinner. Things went pretty well, I beat him in a few games of bowling (I’m not that great and neither was he lol). The weekend went by and he went back home. I had a really good time and not too many quiet moments. We really started talking on the phone every day for hours and texting all throughout the day. Getting to know each other, having those goofy moments, finding out that you share things in common…things like that. Because we both were open and honest people, we talked about it all. We decided about a week or two after our first face-to-face meeting to date exclusively to see where it would go. Would you have thought that after the initial text message?!?!?!? Continue reading…


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