I’m so loving this new hobby. I’ve had the pleasure of baking some sweet treats for Katesha (girlfriendKT)!!!! She requested cake pops but I threw in some extra goodies. This was my first time really trying out a few decorating tips that I’ve been studying. If I say so myself…I think I did really really REALLY good job :D. I also did a few recipe modifications this go round, which came out pretty tasty as well! A few things that didn’t turn out like I planned but turned out great anyway were the cookies holding their shapes when baked. I used round shaped cookie cutters that were plain on one side and scalloped on the other. Pretty much all of the cookies came out round with no detail lol. But with the next adventure I will modify my recipe once more to hopefully get that perfect shape-holding dough. Let me know what you think.

cookie2 3.24.15 cookies 3.24.15 cakepops 3.24.15 cookie1 3.24.15 table display 3.24.15


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