Okay so I’m having a day ladies. Like I’m not here for it, not in the mood, leave me alone, give me 50 feet kinda day. I’m really trying my best to get out of this funk but nothing is really helping at this point. This blah feeling inspired me to write about EMOTIONS!

Admit it; we have all struggled with our emotions at one time or another. Whether it is “that time of the month”, or something didn’t go your way, we as women sometimes do not know how to fully control our emotions. Let me give you an example. So my Sweet Pea is going thru another phase of the Terrible 2’s (almost 3’s) and it is driving me nuts! (A toddler will show you that you are not as strong as think, chile!!!) These days if she does not get her way or is told ‘no’ she immediately starts screaming, I mean no tears, just a very loud uncontrollable scream. Normally I’m able to handle it pretty well, but that was not the case yesterday. I was almost to the point of where I just wanted to grab my purse and leave for a while (she wasn’t alone, her Daddy and Nana were home too). I almost felt like I did when she was a newborn and I couldn’t get her to calm down…you guessed yes I wanted to cry and scream too! But nonetheless I had to put on my big girl panties, swallow those tears back down and carry on as if my feelings were not totally crushed! (It was not very easy to say the least).

On my drive into work this morning, as I reflected back on the events of the day prior, I started to compare this situation to others in my life where I may have thrown a tantrum of my own. How many times do we as women pout when we don’t get our way, or give our husbands the cold shoulder because of a small argument or disagreement. (Guilty as charged!) I mean I can go a few days without saying anything if I’m ticked off about something, which is definitely not the best option especially in a marriage. (I’m working on it, please pray for me lol) In the same sense, how many times have we ignored or turned our back on God because we didn’t get what we thought we deserved. Trust me I’m not pointing fingers because I am guilty of it too. My husband has often times told me that I am too emotional and to get over it. And I am quick to remind him that I’m a woman and we are emotional creatures. Okay yes that may be true. God did make women to be the weaker vessel (in relation to a man) but we shouldn’t use this as a crutch when dealing with our emotions.

A good man brings good things out of the good stored up in his heart, and an evil man brings evil things out of the evil stored up in his heart. For the mouth speaks what the heart is full of. ~Luke 6:45

Wow. That scripture alone just shut me down completely! Our heart houses our emotions, so whatever you have tucked away in your heart will eventually come out of your mouth. And really if it doesn’t come out of your mouth, it will show thru facial expressions and body language. So we have to be careful and truly be watchful of how we deal with our feelings and emotions. Every situation doesn’t require a tear or an outburst.

Fools give full vent to their rage, but the wise bring calm in the end. ~ Proverbs 29:11

So, you are probably wondering how the story ended with Sweet Pea’s tantrum yesterday. Even though I was irritated, upset, and slightly defeated, I went ahead with my normal nightly duties without having a break down myself. Yes I have to admit that I was a little less vocal than normal, but sometimes that is best to not cause further conflict. (As long as it doesn’t linger for a few days lol) After I got Sweet Pea tucked in bed, I did grab my purse and left for a little while just to clear my mind and regroup. That was the best option in dealing with my emotions for that situation.

So I encourage you to stop and think first before reacting or giving in to your emotions. We are allowed to have a moment; we are human that’s natural, but remember it is only a moment. Yes this is a challenge and I am by no way perfect at it, but this is something that I (we) will conquer!

sig KT

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