Taking a trip with the hubs and the youngest son this weekend to Atlanta Georgia. The two older boys went to Mamaw’s for Spring Break and we’ll pick them up on the drive back to NC. I’m excited to smell some “different/new” air, eat at some “different/new” places, and see some “different/new” people! You know, just enjoy a change of scenery for a couple of days. I would have loved for this to have been an ADULTS only trip but our normal sitters don’t tend to do well with the youngest if they know we’re out of town LOL. So to avoid all the interrupting phone calls and numerous text messages with questions about when we’ll be back and have we left yet, we just decided to bring him along. We’re looking at a 6 hour drive with a three year old! Our plan is to leave very early in the morning (4am to be exact) to get ahead of the traffic and to tackle a good chunk of the trip while our son remains asleep. Now being about that planner life, you know I have an entertainment bag with some of his favorite activities and snacks! Its funny how excited I get when I know I’m going on a trip, the anticipation makes it hard to sleep the night before. Its truly sad, I’m like a little kid on Christmas Eve =D I just believe that a change in scenery is necessary for everyone ever-so-often; to have a change in daily routine, to renew and refresh the mind, to explore new things, and to experience a different environment.

Don’t ever be afraid of change. Embrace it, empower it. Change can be so healthy! Growing up, I looked at change and thought change was negative. Mainly because the change(s) made the people around me act negatively. Once I got to high school and really understood what was going on around me, I chose to LOVE CHANGE. Whether it meant we were moving to a new house, or there was a death in the family, deciding to go away to college, etc. I mean the cons were obvious but I chose to focus on the pros and adapt to change.

So now I’m extremely eager to hit the road for a change of scenery! How about you?

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