One of the greatest celebrations for a Christian is upon us, Holy Week, which leads us through Jesus’ death, burial and Resurrection on the third day. We have so much to be thankful for and this week we should show Jesus (everyday really) just how appreciative we are. Let’s be honest, if it were not for what Jesus went thru, we would not be here today. He sacrificed so much just so that we could have the opportunity to have eternal life.

I’m going to get a little personal here. I’m just so full and utterly thankful for all that Christ did, just for me. I am in no way, shape, form or fashion perfect. I have done so many wrong things in my life that I’m ashamed of and even worse have not been pleasing to my Father in Heaven. When I read the story of Jesus’ death, how they beat him, cursed him, spat upon Him, it just makes my skin crawl. I feel so convicted that He did all of that for me, yet I fail Him daily not living up to or not representing Him or His Kingdom to my greatest potential. He hung on the cross in unbearable pain without any complaints because He knew the importance of Him fulfilling His purpose…me. I was the reason He went thru persecution, I was the reason He took the whippings, I was the reason He suffered the humiliation, it was all just for me.

I know it may sound cliché, but just the thought of what Jesus went through, pushes me to want to do so much better in my Christian walk and relationship with Him. But then again I guess it should make me feel that way. That is a constant reminder that my purpose in life is to live for Him and Him alone. I’m taking this week to do some serious soul searching. I want Jesus to know that it’s for Him I live and for Him I will die. I want to be completely sold out to Him. I’m not saying that I’m not already, but there is definitely some room for improvement.

So now I want you to make your thoughts about this post personal. If you have already proclaimed Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior of your life, then I commission you to take this week as a reflection upon your life as well. Are you doing all that you can to push the Kingdom and tell people about the love of Jesus Christ? If not, what is it that you need to do to realign yourself with the things of God? For those ladies that are still on the fence and haven’t quite committed themselves fully to Christ, I invite you to do so. There is no greater decision than willing giving yourself to Christ and securing your soul’s resting place.

If you would like to read about all our Savoir endured for us, reference John chapters 18-20. For those of you that may need more of a visual picture of all Christ did not just for me, but for you too, watch The Passion of the Christ by Mel Gibson. I’m not able to get thru the scriptural reading or watching this movie without being filled with so much emotion. I’m not going to lie, it is very hard for me to image how Jesus must have felt through all of the physical pain but at the same time I am filled with so much joy that He went thru all of that, just for me.

sig KT