This past Saturday I was blessed to see 32 years of life. Wow….32….sounds kinda weird when I say it out loud (or as I type it lol). Nonetheless I am forever grateful to live to see another year of life because it definitely could have been another way!

I’ve always been big on birthday celebrations. As a single woman I would always plan something fun or “big” for my girlfriends and I to get into for my birthday. Whether it was a night out on the town or a Spring Dress birthday luncheon, I always made sure to plan something. Now that I’m a wife and a mother, things go a little bit differently in a sense. Yes it is still a big deal to me, but now it is in the hands of my husband to plan the logistics of my celebration.

Girlfriends, Hubby truly outdid himself this weekend! This was one of the best birthday weekends I’ve ever had! I started celebrating a little early with a fresh blowout and color on Thursday afternoon. I had to get cute for whatever Hubby had planned for me! He kicked off the actual weekend with a night out on the town Friday. We went to this nice little jazz spot in downtown Durham. The food was great, the atmosphere was intimate and the live music was phenomenal! I have to admit that I was feeling myself in my outfit that evening and I think Hubby enjoyed it too. J My actual birthday was a gorgeous day. We didn’t do anything extravagant. We took Sweet Pea to the Easter Jam at church and relaxed at home for the remainder of the day. I love these kinds of days where I’m able to spend uninterrupted time with my family; I wouldn’t have it any other way. Sunday morning we went to Resurrection Sunday Celebration service and enjoyed some of my Mama’s great cooking (and baking) afterwards. Again I want to say that this weekend was just what I needed to bring in a new year of life.

So I guess you are wondering what I received for my birthday gift. I actually wasn’t expecting anything big since I went to get my hair and nails done, but my amazing husband surprised me again. After getting missing from the house for about 2 hours, he walked in a huge gift wrapped box. Sweet Pea and I were both filled with excitement to see what was in the box. And when I opened it I screamed with joy as it is was something I’ve wanted for a very, very long time, but didn’t quite fit our budget. Now let me explain something to you I’m all about a fierce bag, the bigger the better. That’s exactly what I got…a hot pink Michael Kors bag was in the box!!!! I immediately emptied my current purse and switched to my bag. I’m not bragging in the least bit, I’m just grateful for delayed gratification and waiting for those things that I desire to come to me in the right timing. I could see all over Hubby’s face that he was proud that he was able to bless me with this gift and that his mission was accomplished for making this an outstanding birthday weekend.

So now I’m off to make this the greatest year of my life thus far. I’m not sure what my Father in Heaven has in store for me in this new year, but I pray that I remain within His perfect will so that I am able to be blessed with that which He has for me.

Happy Birthday to me!!!!!

birthday 4.8.15

sig KT