Happy Friday ladies! And as promised I’m here with my 1 month progress report. My doctor’s appointment was on this past Monday and I was down 7lbs! My doctor was very pleased and told me to keep up the good work. Needless to say though, I kind of had mixed feelings… I mean I was happy to have lost weight but I also knew that I could have done better than 7lbs. Honestly, yes I was taking the meds and not eating before 12p but there were days that I ate past 8p, days I didn’t log anything, foods I knew better than to be eating, and I did absolutely no exercise beyond typical daily walking. But I can say, this has lit a burning desire for me to want to do better and to make the extra effort.

To help with logging I’ve implemented the new rule of saying my blessing and logging my food and then eating it. The reward of blessing and logging my meals first is to be able to actually eat them afterwards. I must say this has really been working. I used to believe I would go back and log my food later and it would never happen, so this new rule has been the answer to the problem.

Let’s talk water intake… so since I don’t eat until 12p, I use my morning hours to drink, drink, drink. My goal is to drink at least 64oz of water before 12p. I use a 64oz (half gallon) water bottle. My ultimate goal is to drink a gallon a day but that’s still work in progress =)


water bottle 4.10.15

So for my exercise boost I knew I needed something I could physically monitor my progress, so I got a fitbit charge. I’m loving how it syncs to my phone and My Fitness Pal app. So this is my plan of attack for handling the exercise portion of my journey. I need all the motivation I can get so if you’re on either of these, let’s be friends! mfp: dewrema5832

 fitbit 4.10.15 mfp 4.10.15







I hope this has been encouraging to someone. We must take control of our health ladies and love & take care of ourselves just as much as we love & take care of others in our lives.

Have a wonderful weekend!

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