Why do I do the things I do? Why do you do the things you do?

Does your motivation arise from outside of you or inside of you?

Let’s discuss what extrinsic and intrinsic motivation means. Extrinsic: you’re driven to perform or engage in activity just to receive a reward or avoid punishment. Intrinsic: you’re driven to perform or engage just because it is personally rewarding.

Now with that being said, I’m definitely INTRINSIC in my doing/giving majority of the time. I mean there are some times I’m certainly more pushed by extrinsic such as studying for a test because I don’t want to fail, or reviewing notary laws before notarizing documents to be sure it’s acceptable by law. My “reward” (high) comes from the JOY I see in the recipients. That’s why I’m addicted to planning… it’s my drug of choice! There’s nothing more rewarding than the excitement my heart feels receiving “thank you” comments from people for simply hanging decorations or designing an invitation or passing out favors or even refilling an empty drink glass. There are just some things I feel I’m called to do that don’t require me to put a price tag on it, if you know what I mean. I pray that God continues to grant me the desire to plan. I pray that my creative ability has only begun touch the surface of what its full potential will be. This is one thing I hope my family never needs to put me on Intervention for LOL.

Have you figured out which motivation type best describes you? When you’re thinking about this, also remember to evaluate your role(s) in your church. Be sure that you’re not serving from an extrinsic motivation standpoint of what God will do for you because you’re serving. Serve at a capacity that makes you smile on the inside, regardless if no one ever recognizes you for it.

Until next time ladies, have a wonderfully blessed weekend!

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