Catch up here…After our first meeting and making the decision to date exclusively, that’s what we did. We talked on the phone, learning about each other’s quirks and small things like that. With it being a long distant relationship, we didn’t want it to necessarily feel that way. As much as finances would allow, we wanted to see each other every two weeks (well that didn’t work out as we had planned lol). Nonetheless, we still managed to see each other at least once a month. I enjoyed my trips up because that meant I get to fly into NYC and do some exploring lol. We visited the Bronx Zoo, some good eats, and sightseeing. Went for a visit to meet some of his father side of the family at his brother’s wedding and we stayed in a nice hotel called Z NYC Hotel. We’ve had a trip or two to the beach because that’s one of my faves. Nothing like a good relaxing day at the beach feeling the ocean breeze…just taking in what God created!

Some of our more open and ultimately important conversations (we had a lot of them lol not on purpose just happened) stemmed around religion and our beliefs, marriage, children, and what was important to us. We wanted to do this “right”. We were serious about the relationship and wanting it to be right, not just right to us, but right for us according to God’s plan. We didn’t force anything; we just let it all happen. In our opinion and what we knew, our “right” way was building a better relationship with God together as a couple, abstinence before marriage, having a good solid communication foundation, putting all of our “secrets” or “not so good” parts of us out on the table, open and honest about fears, financial situations, etc.

When you get serious about a relationship, what’s important to you? Where do you stand on commitment, communication, religion, finances, etc.? Continue reading…

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