Have you ever had so many thoughts at once you even thought your mind might EXPLODE?

I love that I have been blessed with an interest in so many different areas of life. I love that I like to explore all types of arenas from: art, sewing, web design, graphics, cooking, baking, decorating… and this list just seems to be never ending. But, my issue is finding (or making) time to see if I’m even any good at any of them. I mean I would love to “toot my own horn” and say God has blessed me with limitless talents that I’m a master at all of them but that’s just not the case (that I know of). Life can be so busy with work, kids, homework, sports, dinner, baths, laundry… that there never seems to be enough time for personal extracurricular activities or crafts. I mean truthfully I’ve been buying a sewing machine now for about 3 years and I even have fabric and thread but just haven’t been able to fully explore sewing yet. I did get a Kitchenaid stand mixer last year for Mother’s Day and kept telling the hubs about all the wonderful things I would do with it… well lets see I’ve made about 2 dozen cupcakes, 2 batches of cookie dough, a batch of icing, a batch of buttercream frosting, and have shredded chicken once with it. I could blame it on Pinterest, but I won’t LOL.

I think for me, in finding my purpose and identity with wedding and event planning, I get caught up on what great “thing” can I make or build that will be the next big trend. Or as a wife and mother, on what new organization tips and tricks I can implement that will benefit our family best, that gives me that “mother/wife of the year” satisfaction. I’m trying to achieve success within myself, I consume soooo many thoughts, ideas, dreams, and desires that I literally think my mind may explode. On those particular days (funny how God works) it never fails that one my GIRLFRIENDS hits me up just to check in and I get that moment of release. We don’t necessarily discuss what may be on our minds but we talk about things that either pull me away from those thoughts or gives me clarity on focusing on whats important at that moment in time.

So ladies I’m sharing all of this just to say don’t allow yourself to get so consumed with thoughts that you think your mind may explode. If you don’t think it has happened to you, consider the day you drove home and once you got home, you couldn’t even remember which streets you turned on to get there, nor if any of the traffic lights were red… That’s at the point that I’m speaking of. Just let go and let God!

Enjoy your weekend ladies!

“Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge Him, and He will make your paths straight.” -Prov. 3:5-6

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