Happy Friday ladies!

Today is certainly bittersweet, well actually this time of the year is simply bittersweet to put it lightly. So May 7th is my mom’s birthday, May 8th is my (paternal) grandmother’s birthday, and then of course its always followed by Mother’s Day weekend. My (maternal) grandmother passed away 17yrs ago and things changed quite abit for us when it came to celebrating Mother’s Day. My mom just didn’t have the urge to want to celebrate anymore, we didn’t visit the grave, we didn’t go to church, we really didn’t talk much about the fact that it was “Mother’s Day.” Some number of years passed and my dad’s family started a family beach tradition that took place during Mother’s Day weekend. Well since my mom’s and grandma’s birthdays were a day apart, my mom was finally convinced to start joining the beach trip. And as time and life would have it, my (paternal) grandmother passed away October 2012. So today I share with you a few words I have written for her…

Piece of Me 5.8.15


And I would also like to take this moment to wish all the moms and especially my backbone, my rock, my everything (even though I don’t let her know it lol), my MOM the most wonderful and Happy Mother’s Day!

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