This past weekend I had the pleasure to go back to my parents home town, Philadelphia.  The “Gems”, my sister and mother packed up and planned to leave Thursday to avoid the Mother’s Day weekend traffic.  Well….it wouldn’t be nurses week without being called in to work. Yes, I completely forgot that I was on-call that night from 11pm-3am. I have not been on nights since…since….exactly, probably 6 years. I just knew I would fall asleep, I stopped and picked up some COOKOUT, sweet tea and headed into work.  I’m thinking I was just too excited about my trip because I wasn’t tired at all, and the 4 hours wasn’t bad considering it had been a long day. Either way, I was ready for the weekend.

Mom Dukes did her thing and drove the entire way, I was no good, shoot I felt drunk. I am so not a night owl, I mean I’m in the bed immediately after the “Gems”.  Once we arrived we freshened up and changed for my Mom-Wina’s retirement dinner. By her choosing, we dined in a private room at Red Lobster (her favorite).  Everyone wore black and white and had a wonderful time. With that being said, since we had an almost 7 hour drive that my Gems slept the majority of, they were “wide open” that evening.  Him more than her, I mean a full glass of ice water on the table, chair and my mom type wide open. Change of clothes pass the baby around like it was the collection plate on Sunday type “wide open” lol.

Saturday afternoon we decided to take Mom-Wina out again, but now for her 70th birthday!!!!!.  The kids were better, although he somehow poked me in the eye, I swear I couldn’t see for 10 minutes.  You know when you get poked in the eye and that thing waters up real bad…now don’t have on eye liner and mascara too, thee worst!!! haha. Once lunch was finished, my mother took me over my aunt’s house (my father’s sister). Once we pulled up in front of the house they began to pour out.  My dad, his wife, and my aunt came out so excited to see us.  Everyone got out the car and greeted one another and was just thrilled. Of course my aunt invites us in and I get to see my grandma (paternal) and my other aunt. They were just too excited to see my mom. You see mom hasn’t been back “home” in years nor has she seen them in at least 5 years. What a priceless moment, as we all got caught-up with each others’ lives in the family room. Once upon a looooong time ago my parents (divorced) could not be within the same walls of one another. To God be the Glory for the things He has done, because THAT was extremely hard to see growing up. The ladies chatted as if no time had passed, as we talked the night away. I pulled out my camera just to capture this timeless moment my mother, grandma (paternal), Mom-Wina (maternal grandmother), and both of my aunts sitting there. The most influential women in my life on one couch, now that’s a Mother’s Day.


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