Happy Tuesday!!!! I’m super excited to share my vacation with you. I think if you’re looking to go somewhere for vacation, this spot in Cancun is thee place.

First, a little background. This trip was all about my sister. Her and her husband set to do a destination for their wedding vows (as they were legally married last August). So ultimately they chose Finest Playa Mujeres by Excellence Group. I wanted to go and contemplated for a while, asked a few people and no one could go. So I left it alone. Then Easter came around and we were all talking about it, and I made it my mission to go lol. Now, I’m trying to add up the days to see if I could even get a passport!!!! (procrastination at its best right here lol) Okkkk I can make it work…”ma, have you seen my birth certificate???? No…I gave it to you….ummm but I gave it back to you and you put it in a folder…….” So needless to say that birth certificate is somewhere at the house and no one can find it. Now, I have to get another one. Getting one in the mail is going to take like two weeks then I have to go in-person to apply for my passport that’s going to take 2-3 weeks to get back. So that ain’t gonna work. Because I don’t live where I was born I couldn’t go get it same day…so I had to include the one other person that could walk in and get it…my daddy lol! I wanted this all to be a surprise, but not when you can’t find an important document you need. Needless to say he got it and overnight it to me. About 10 days later…I had passport in hand, trip was paid for, and I’m on my way to MEXICO!!!!! but now she knows….So I didn’t really consider the fact that she’d be getting a guest confirmation list from the travel agent…ooops 🙂 She was still surprised and excited to find out.

Now let’s talk business lol…this resort is super-duper nice. The standard has been set for all-inclusive 5-star resorts now…nothing less than this! They roll out the red carpet for you…nice cold towel when you step out of the car (the heat is cray cray) to refresh yourself, concierge immediately take your bags, they give you a nice beverage and escort you to the lounge to wait to be checked in. I will say this, my room wasn’t in general population lol…adults only baby!!!!!!! So…we had our own check-in area, personal concierge, private restaurant, exclusive beach area, pool, and bar….BOOM I don’t wanna go home!! A place like this will definitely spoil you. The rooms super modern, stocked mini bar that you can actually use without being charged extra (I was nervous at first lol), 24-hour room service…you name it and they had it. The place was just lovely. I believe there are a total of 9 restaurants,17 bars, smoothie cafe, ice cream parlor, and of course a spa. They had dedicated kids space and like a childcare type of service, various free water sports like canoeing. The lists goes on and on.

Everything was planned out nice from the time we got there until the wedding…we all had free days after the ceremony. From a white cocktail gathering Friday night, to breakfast together Saturday morning and water sports, to dinner at Hibachi Sunday night, it was a great time.

To say the least, I enjoyed myself, met some great people, and it was much needed; but I can’t say that I went the entire trip without being sad or somewhat emotional. As much as I was happy, I still felt the loneliness from my own situation.

But any who, tell me ladies, what’s your most memorable and/or favorite destination for vacation?????

Until next time…

sig EF

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