Catch up here…After making that commitment to each other and to God, we started on our journey. Everything from continuing to learn each other, meeting family/important people to us, to figuring out religiously what we needed to do to better us in Christ. We took on the summer visiting each other and family. I met a few of his siblings at his brother’s wedding in New York, as well as a lot of other family members from his father’s side. It was a good occasion. It was nice to meet family with him because for many, this was his first time meeting them as well.

Because I’m very close with my family and family is important to me, we planned during one of his visits to NC that we would spend a day with my family. He ended up meeting my mother, sister, brother, and niece. Prior to coming, my mom asked what was some of his favorite foods or what he wanted to eat. Let’s just say he got everything he asked for lol. we all talked and laughed. They had the chance to interact with him and vice versa. A very good visit I must say….a single mom can be a hand full to say the least lol. After that visit, we planned a weekend trip to Maryland (since it was half way for both) to meet my other half…dad and step-mom.  After I introduced everyone and chatted for a bit, they started talking sports…my time to leave lol!! I eventually left them downstairs and hung out with the girls (mom, sisters, and nieces). After some talking and laughing, I went back downstairs to see what was going on and they were all secretive lol. Because I’m into knowing everything lol, they wouldn’t say anything looking all suspect lol; but I guess that’s a good thing. Meaning they were “bonding” so I was happy. We know no one meets pops unless we serious. Not saying I wasn’t serious with anyone else, they just didn’t all make that trip except one other lol. But I digress lol. Nevertheless, that visit went well also.

So I’ve heard plenty about his mom, sister and brother (I’ve met 2 out of 3 before) seeing as my best friend married into their family. I heard all the funny family stories, some embarrassing moments, and about everyone’s personalities. So in talks about meeting family and how we were going to spend holidays, we said that we’d do Thanksgiving with his side and Christmas with my side. This particular year, Thanksgiving was in Delaware. That means all of the major people in his family was going to be there minus his brother. So I was meeting mom for the first time, sister (we met before but I guess it’s different since I wasn’t dating her brother before lol), and grandmother. It was an interesting yet good holiday. Everyone was nice; we all laughed, watched movies, ate and ate some more lol. There weren’t any catastrophes or fallouts…just a good time all around. All of the uncle/nephews were all boo’ed up lol. I thought that was cute seeing all of us chillin’ in the basement like we were “grown” hahaha!!!!

Since Robert met my immediate family before, Christmas was a breeze. It was just us, the immediate fam and two of my aunts. Robert was spoiled because my mom cooked everything that he asked for lol and put me to the side! But it was nice to see him interact with everyone and jump into the “uncle” roll with my niece in putting together her toys.

Nevertheless, the adventure of meeting each other’s family was good. When you’re involved to the point when you meet the important people in each other’s life, how would you like to be introduced…a more personal setting? Big family gathering or social event? Continue reading

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