This weekend I had the pleasure of meeting up with the girlfriends for our first photo shoot. We were beyond excited, it had been sometime since we had all gotten a chance to get together. We arrived at the studio of Tanisha Walker, In God’s Image Photography/Makeup Artistry with our outfits in hand and hair slayed. Some of the girlfriends started out with the makeup application of our shoot while the rest of us watched, taking mental notes, lol and chatting. It was my turn to get in the chair!!! YAY!!!!!!! I love make up, I say “Go all the way!” Tanisha (makeup artist and photographer) says “all the way?” and I repeat “Yup, ALL THE WAY!” The end result was gooooooooorgeousss!! And she went all the way. Once we were all done we stood before the camera. We had so much fun laughing, joking and just flat out loving on each other and then Tanisha shouts out “give me sexy!!!” and it was as if someone was dancing real hard at a party that was playing your song and hit the D.J’s table, you know that sound, at least that’s what it felt like for me. Sexy?….. what is sexy? According to Webster’s Dictionary, sexy is defined as generally attractive or interesting: appealing, stimulating. Synonyms being bodacious, desirable, hot. Urban dictionary had terms like, sultry, lustful and tantalizing. I found at that moment I had no clue “how to be/give sexy”…..I don’t know if it’s the “motherhood’ that drenches me like the frosting on a hot Cinnabon, or the retired pumps that have been traded for non slip and quick shoes to keep up with my small children. I’ve always thought I was attractive, pretty,(looking back at what Webster’s said……) appealing, desirable even. Regardless of what I have on or don’t have on I feel “me”, beautiful, confident, no need for any validation from another, in fact at times it makes me feel uncomfortable than gratified. I have heard the term “sexy” in a description of me by another before, but I don’t know that I’ve ever thought of myself as “sexy”…at least not what Urban dictionary had to say about it and at least not for a very loooong time. When I tried to “give that sexy”….well I looked mad, lol. So I find myself wondering and asking myself, “What is sexy?” as if it were an object I could dash out to buy. Surely being a mother couldn’t have swiped away my sexiness…..or did it? (ok, I can’t help but say “Swiper No Swiping, Swiper No Swiping, lol) When I sat down and began to really think of “sexy” or “sexiness” I think of it as a state of my mind, and if I had to label it, I guess I could say “sexy”.


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