“Here it is the groove, slightly transformed; just a bit of the break from the norm…” Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh ya’ll didn’t know I could rhyme like that huh? LOL!! Sike! Sing with me now “Summer, summer, summertime; time to sit back and unwind”. Ya’ll remember that? Will Smith (aka The Fresh Prince) and DJ Jazzy Jeff’s 1991 hit song “Summertime”. Man that was good music, right? It just isn’t quite summer until you hear that on the radio. It just puts you in the mood for all that the summer season has to offer!

Yeah I know the season has not quite officially changed yet, but the warmer weather, and seeing that it is now officially June, just kinda puts you in the mood for everything that is “summer”. So what do I look forward to most this time of the year?

VACATION!!! I don’t think I’ve been on a big vacation in a few years now, but girlllllllllllllllllllllllllllll let me tell you, I am LONG overdue!!! The sand, sun and ocean waves are calling my name!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! There is something about the beach, specifically the water, that just brings a peace all over you! Hubby and I will celebrate 4 years of marital bliss this July and I hope that we are able to steal away for an extended weekend vacation to enjoy each other and rekindle that “newly-wed” flame from our honeymoon if you get my drift. (Insert girly giggles lolol) In addition to an adult getaway, I look forward to taking the kids to the beach as well so they can splash around and just enjoy being a kid. We may even slide in a trip to the NC Zoo or Aquarium this summer. I might enjoy that trip more than the kids lol. Wherever we go, it will be fun because I will have my family surrounding me with love and most importantly will be away from the same daily routine and worries of everyday life!

FAMILY GATHERINGS/COOKOUTS!!! I told you all before that I am a part of the Big Girl Club so you know I like to eat! LOL!! You know what that means…bring on the cookouts honey!! Hubby threw down on the grill Memorial Day weekend and I’m ready for some grill action this summer! This time of year typically brings about Family Reunions/Gatherings and I’m all for it!! Picture it…all the women in the family are in the kitchen prepping food (or sitting at the table gossiping, don’t front you know its true lol), the men folk are outside standing around the grill, kids running in and out the house, music bumping, house full of laughter…kinda makes you want to plan a get together this weekend, right?!? I just love getting together with my family especially now that we are all getting older. Everyone’s lives are going in so many different directions so when we are able to get the entire family together, its like a great accomplishment! Just talking about it has me counting down to the July 4th weekend!!

So to summarize it all, summertime to me is all about FAMILY, which puts me in my happy place, kinda like the song did at the beginning of this post. Yeah I know every day will not be a sunny day per say, but hey it’s all in how you look at it! Cheers to fun-filled vacations, spectacular family gatherings, and an all-around amazing summer season!!!

sig KT