It was Valentines day weekend and the “Gems” were away for the weekend with their Papa, His father and I was heading to Wilmington to see Him. Once I arrived, He and I went out to Olive Garden early to beat the crowd. We sat down and I promise you 10 minutes had gone by, before anyone even took our drink order, initially we hadn’t noticed because we were talking and had called to check on the “Gems”. We look around and there was a waitress giving her life story right behind us and we still have no drinks. I usually would have responded in a rather negative manner, but this time I was calm. Finally, someone came for our drink order and it was not the waitress that was telling her life story, good thing because I know I would have gone in on her, I’m just saying. This waitress apologized for the wait and gave us the excuse about it being shift change and unassigned tables…..blah…blah…blah. As we had movie tickets right after we were eager to go ahead and place our order too. I will say the waitress was awesome, drinks were filled at all times, bread and salad was flowing the night was getting better by the minute (I’m a foodie). It was about time for us to head across town to catch “Fifty Shades of Grey”….yes I read the book, all three, yes I enjoyed every last page, my life, my choice!! lol. With that being said we finished dessert, asked for the check and the waitress brings back salad, bread and soup to go, but no check. So we ask again, pressed for time at this point and she asks if the manager had been by and he hadn’t yet, she goes to get him. He approaches the table, apologizes for the delay in service earlier and says “your meal tonight is on us” talking bout somebody happy, thank ya Lord!

The bright sun rays poked through the blinds on a too early to be awake yet
with NO kids kind of morning. My nose tells me He’s making breakfast I am scanning Netflix taking advantage of the opportunity to watch something other than cartoons. He opens the door, “Hey….don’t come out ok?” I laugh, “ahh…ok” and go back to surfing Netflix, I swear sometimes you spend more time surfing than watching movies up there. So I am totally relaxing when there’s another knock at the door. “Yes……”, “Hey…..dont come out ok?” he must be up to something out there. By the time the last knock came, I was pretty much ready to eat, see this elaborate breakfast he seems to be so excited about. He waits for me at the thresh of the door and I begin to follow Him into the kitchen and I take notice of red rose petals tossed about on the floor leading me somewhere, I attempt to level my head, but my big ol’ kool-aid smile makes it difficult, lol. I take notice of an IPad, Phone and computer “watching” my every move spread about throughout the space, is this live? am I being recorded? The trail of roses leads me to a TV tray! bahahaha, wait now……it had a dozen of roses on it, a card and a heart shaped box. Theres a familiar voice I hear in the background its Sisqo (what?!!! did he really make a come back?) LIPS song playing in the background. He says open the card, I look at Him, reach over and pick up the red envelope. The cover say’s “To My WIFE” I read on as if I didn’t notice that, but anyone who really knows me, knows I pay attention to details, I definitely saw that (grinning). I finished reading the card and at the bottom he wrote “P.S life is like a box of chocolate, you never know what you’re going to get” I look back at Him and he says “open the box”, the heart shaped box filled with chocolate I’m sure. I say, “but I don’t want chocolate this early followed by a giggle. He says just open it, so I look towards the TV tray and grabbed the box, by the time I look back at Him, he is sweating………profusely…..”why are you sweating so hard” I open the box and in the very center of the heart there’s a chocolate missing and a gorgeous ring in its place. I’m speechless at this point, He grabs a decorative pillow from off the couch and throws it down on the floor and begins to kneel one knee down on it. I find myself being a tad bit distracted, I know
you’re probably thinking how?….why? but I am still stuck on the sweat that is way past beads, and the desktop screen that I seem to be on, oh and don’t forget the pillow that was necessary before He got down on one knee, lol the very things I love so much. I found myself to be nervous, an uncontrollable laughter fell upon me. He patiently waits for my hands to be released as they  barricaded my face filled with laughter. He takes my left hand and ask me to marry Him. I think we know what my answer was……….so ladies join the journey with me of this particular chapter in my life, I am Engaged. So what happens next?…….



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