Happy Tuesday! I hope everyone is starting the week off right. With the summer making its way here, I know everyone’s gearing up to be GLAM! With that in mind, let’s talk hair!!! You may have noticed that we’re all naturals. I like to think that I’m the one with hair type 5b…now I know there’s no hair type 5b and y’all looking at me cray cray, but that’s just how many different types of hair textures/patterns I have going on lol, from curly coily to zig-zag. In the front it’s that loose curl with all the stretch at the wrong times, the middle is thick and tightly curled, while the rest of the perimeter is “regular”. In any given section, you’ll find a coil that springs back into action or the grey hairs that do their own thing (and yes I said grey!)…oh, and let’s not mention the shrinkage!!!

So with all my “special” textures, let’s get into styling and products. Now I’m the ultimate product junkie and YouTube’r. Now I promise you YT will have you thinking you can conquer all lmbo…I digress. So let me back track for a second…I’ve been natural off and on all my life, but I started transitioning December 2007 and did the BIG CHOP in August 2008 (it was so refreshing). Fast forward now to present day…I would YT hairstyles and products to use, go out and buy ALL the ingredients and make products (some successes and many epic fails). I’ve bought the entire line of Miss Jessies’ products (I kid you not…and they’re not cheap by any means) just to try out new things because at that time that’s what was used when I got it professionally done and my hair felt oh so good. I mean what can I say, “My name is Erin, and I’m a product junkie!” But what I have learned over the years is that I don’t need a variety of products to have and maintain a good hair regimen. I found that shampoos with some sulfate works good on my curls, apple cider vinegar (ACV) is an excellent “squeaky” clean build-up free soft hair shampoo, having a good conditioner to replenish any oils that were lost, a leave-in conditioner and light oil to seal in moisture is really all you need :).

Though I would like to be the one to tell you that wash-n-go’s are the best…sorry idk anything about that lol. The way my hair is setup with the checking and savings…lol but really, that’s an epic fail hairstyle for me. I can leave the house one way and by the time I get to my destination it’s something TOTALLY different. I’ll try a style in a heartbeat…if I think it’ll look fierce, I’m going to try it lol. What I can say though, is that my go-to style of choice are flat twists/twist outs. I can get a mean twist out with some flat twists! And the less product I use the more defined the curl is. Sometimes less is more.  I am learning that I can rock the Bantu knot-outs (only on stretched out hair though lol)! I just love the versatility that kinky hair gives you. You can go from a straight mane to a Mohawk to big hair don’t care.

I can go on and on about products, the “puff”, detangling, but I’ll spare you until next time. So my questions to you are…what’s your products of choice, if you wear “protective styles” all the time, when do you wear a “regular” style, when do you wear your protective styles the most, in the warm or cold months and what’s your go-to protective style or style of choice? Please do share!!!! Until next time glams 🙂


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