Let’s talk hair ladies! So as you can see from our group pictures, I am a naturalista! I’ve been a part of the wonderful “natural” movement from about 3 years now. Well let me back up for a minute. I was actually “natural” until I was 19 years old. My mom did not believe in relaxers and therefore my sister and I went and got fresh press n curls every 2 weeks for $12 LOL!! Well once I got to college, walking across campus with what started as a doobie and ended as a fro was NOT CUTE!! So I went to the salon and got a relaxer, major mistake! I mean I was a slave to the creamy crack! If I didn’t get a relaxer every 6 weeks faithfully I would get nervous and be ready for my puffy roots to become all silky and straight lol.

Some may be wondering what brought me back to the natural world. Well ladies I will be honest, it was not by choice. I had cut all of my hair off; I mean a very cute, sassy, short cut that had me feeling myself. Apparently too much because 4 short weeks after getting it cut, before I could even really enjoy it, I found out I was pregnant with Sweet Pea! Remember I told you my Mama was against relaxers, well that still held to be true and she pretty much forbid me from getting one while pregnant (Here’s a secret, I put in a mild relaxer but it didn’t take. I guess she was right, huh lol) I kept my hair in weave to help with the grow out process during my pregnancy and shortly after giving birth. Once I decided to take out the weave and get it relaxed, what happened, my stylist of about 5 years up and moved to Mississippi (I’m still kinda salty lol) which brings me to my now 3 year natural journey .

I’m learning that there are so many levels and elements to this natural hair thing. Some prefer to wear it straight from a fresh blow out, others rock a fierce twist out, and some prefer to just wash and go just to name a few. I’m not completely sure which way I prefer to wear mine at this point. But I will say this…girlfriends it’s about to get hot so my blowout season is OVER! I recently blew mine out for Mother’s Day and after a few days of working out; I had a mini fro with feathered ends LOL! If you are able to rock your blow out in the heat, more power to you! I just can’t do it. I really don’t like putting heat on my hair more than once a week, if that. So I really think, for me, I should stick to just blowing it out during the fall and winter seasons.

So what’s my style of choice for the hot summer months? Right now I really enjoy rocking a fresh twist out set. I’m not one of those “product junky” natural girls though. I’ve dabbled in a few here or there but I’m not about wasting any money. So far the only products that I really love are Cantu’s entire natural line, Palmer’s Coconut Oil Formula shampoo/conditioner and TRESemme’s Natural Nourishing Moisture (with avocado) shampoo/conditioner. Recently after doing my weekly shampoo and conditioner routine, I simply used organic extra virgin refined coconut oil (purchased from the Vitamin Shoppe) and put a dab of Cantu’s Coconut Curling Cream on the ends of my two strand twists to keep it wrapped around the perm rods! This combination is working perfectly so far, as I’m currently rocking a 4 day old twist out that looks amazing (in my opinion). Other products seem to weigh my hair down but the coconut oil gives it just the right amount of moisturizer and bounce that is needed for the perfect twist out results! I have tried a few other styles that I tend to enjoy as well such as a flat twist set or Bantu knot set. The only thing that I do not like about Bantu knots is that they are hard to sleep in, however my fro the next morning is big and bold just the way I like it! My ultimate hair goal is to have my fro as big and full as my hair crush, Tracey Ellis Ross!!! Her hair is always flawless, but then again I guess she has a style team on hand to get hers looking right. A girl can have goals tho, right? lol

Hair Collage

So for all of my natural sistas out there, which way do you prefer to wear your hair in preparation for the upcoming summer heat? Are there any products (reasonably priced) out there that I should consider using? Your thoughts and/or suggestions are appreciated! 🙂

sig KT