I had just had a baby and noticed my hair shedding a lot, probably that post-partum shedding, I thought. So each time I was going to my hair stylist I’d say, “lets wait on the relaxer” and then……. IT……happened, I am going natural!!!

Yes, I said it as if it’s an all inclusive trip.  Well any natural knows its at least a journey filled with action packed days ( the dreadful wash day), entertainment (watching your mane transform throughout the day) and also relaxation (that would be high bun day). My natural hair journey has been rather “easy” I did not do the BIG CHOP, I transitioned with “protective styles”  I tried a sew-in one time (a bob) and fell in love with sew-ins so it became my go-to hairstyle. I also have tried flat twist updos before, or 2-strand twists (no added hair). Let’s just say I have tried a little bit of this and a little bit of that. You will fa sho become a product junky and even when you find what product works well for you, you will still be open to try new things.  I do indeed have some products I use more than others like; Carols Daughter, Shea Moisture, Kinky Curly, Bee Mine and Cantu just to name a few.  The one product that has yet to fail me, Black Jamaican Castor Oil, Henna was my friend for a month or two as well, see what I mean, you will try so many different things, why? because you can, it’s the beautiful world of freedom and liberty…….in hair!  Before I knew it, five years had past. Having natural hair you will find that some products work and some don’t. Currently, extra virgin coconut oil  and a homemade gel is working for me. I have been able to make flax seed gel that I absolutely love. I followed the recipe from Naptural85 . It calls for 2 cups of water and 1/4c of flax seeds. You simply boil them until you see the liquid thicken (I usually boil slightly past that point) and then strain, be sure to really press those flax seeds because that frothy “stuff” is what makes the gel thick. Add your essential oils, I personally have used tea-tree, eucalyptus, rosemary, grapefruit or sweet orange essential oils then refrigerate.  As a natural you just have to “twist” your way through and find what works for you……and your mane because if it’s anything like mine it’s got an awesome mind of its own!

gel 6.11.15

mane 6.11.15


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