so STOP trying to make me be!

Ok so I know this may come off with a little hostility but truth is I’M HAPPY NAPPY! And I’m getting pretty tired of others feeling like their harsh judgmental comments are going to make me run back to the creamy crack! For now, I’m sticking to “Crack is Whack!” So there you have it take it or leave it. To each its own, we’re all beautiful whether natural or relaxed! I LOVE my coils, plain and simple. Now, I’ll admit I might not always know how to style them and I’ve had quite a lot few failed YouTube hair trials but who hasn’t had a bad hair week day.

Walking down memory lane, I was born practically bald, but once the mane began growing it was all she wrote! Throughout childhood I remained natural, and moving into more preteen years I became an addict to the “creamy crack.” You know that high you get when your mane is what my family calls “bone-straight” and how you fein for the creamy crack at the slightest peak of a wave of new growth forming…. Yup! That was me! And I must say I’ve been delivered!!

So what rehab treatment broke me? Well I was 7 weeks post-relaxer in the Summer (which was already a sacrifice for me at the time because I was a faithful 4-5wk need-a-hit type of client) and thinking how badly I wanted to get a relaxer but I was busy on a workout regimen that had me sweating up a storm and couldn’t bare not having the relaxer last. So I talking to Girlfriend Erin and she was sending information on going natural and my biggest thing was I refused to do the BIG CHOP! She opened my mind to the world of transitioning and that began my very 1st journey going natural.

Now to much dismay my 1st Intervention episode didn’t have a happy success ending, and well neither did episodes 2 and 3, because each time I relapsed to the creamy crack! (don’t judge me) Each episode of transitioning lasted for at least 1 year or longer and for many different reasons (family, wedding, postpartum) ended in relaxing. But I’m proud to say that as of today I’m fully natural and have been for 13months! (look at God lol) The journey wasn’t always easy, it came with many bumps, bruises, criticisms and the likes but I’m a survivor and happy with my nappy choice.

If you want to be natural for whatever reason- just to be chemically free or simply to see your God given curly coils, you have the right to, so do it! It’s great to have a support system, but that’s just not always the case so remember this- you are not your hair! People will share their (unasked for) remarks- why you want to walk around with a bush on your head, why you can’t just get it blown out all the time… and many, many, others- so brace yourself and remember why YOU want to do this!

happy nappy 6.12.15

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