You know that feeling when you’re somewhere in public and somebody takes off running…..and you find yourself doing a quick step to join, just cause. That’s me in a store when I see a “good” deal in someone elses cart. For instance take the kids exchange (a kids consignment that is held in a huge warehouse) when those doors open, people be running!!! I mean running. Never forget my first time going, one of the Girlfriends and I stood in a line wrapped around the building like we was in line for the club during Homecoming at A&T SU, AGGIE PRIDE!!! ok back to the subject, the line BE LOOONNNG, lol. We had no idea what we were getting ourselves into, babies carried all types of ways on their mothers, wagons of all sizes, empty tall laundry baskets with bungee cords attached at this consignment. We felt unprepared, and honestly we was. These ladies and men (There was some dad’s in the house too) raced to specific items, I found myself following them, lol. The way they were running I just couldn’t tell if we were running from something or to something. Lets just say I’ve been going ever since, oh and I’m prepared every time.

For as long as I can remember I have enjoyed shopping. I mean I really enjoy shopping. Kids grow so fast so SOME things I don’t believe need to be brand new. With that being said, when I do decide to buy I go bananas over sales, red dot, clearance and the good ol’ “hook-ups”. I promise you, something comes over me and I am in my element and focused when I shop, yes it is my therapy in any given moment. When I was in high school working in retail, I would buy things because it was on sale. One time I bought baby clothes just because it was an awesome buy with not having any kids or even knowing any babies to wear it. Still to this day I would buy cat food if it was a good deal, mind you I have a dog, God is working on me. Target lately has been my store for a few different things; hair products, cleaning items, kids clothes, home décor, just to name a few. I go straight for the clearance end caps and I know where every last one is. The store is NOT left until I have been by all the clearance isles. At times items that really aren’t low enough for me gets placed in the wrong spots so I just make a mental note and keep coming back to check when the price has come down, bad? I know.

So with all that being said, since I am planning on moving out of my parents house, can the Saints say Amen, I know my parents are, lol. I am actively trying to STOP buying things just because it’s on sale. When I pick something up, I am now practicing this whole thought process.
1. Do I really need it
2. If I’m thinking of it for someone else, do they really need it? Do they really need me to get it for them? Is it a gift or will they be paying me back?
3. If determined I need it… I need it now? Can it wait?
4. Can I get it cheaper? Where can I get it cheaper?

Now lets say I have determined that I WANT it COULD use it later (once moved) and I buy it, where the heck am I gonna put it?

So, learning that I don’t have to buy it just because it’s on sale is a work in progress, some days are better than others.

Any of you ladies experience this battle?

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