I’m such the daddy’s girl. I get the butterflies in my tummy feeling when I see him. He makes me smile uncontrollably. I know he loves me more than I could ever really imagine. The older I get, the more God reveals to me about my daddy, and my love for him simply remains the same. I thank God for choosing him as my daddy. We have a bond that only a father and a daughter could share. I’m so much like him its scary lol. I enjoy putting things together, going to drag races, and watching sports. (Hmm, maybe that’s why God gave me boys LOL). I look forward to each moment I’m able to spend with him. He’s my daddy!


And along came a great, handsome fella that has shown me what a daddy’s love looks like through the eyes of our boys. They have this crazy, ridiculous bond that at times I feel doesn’t even come close to mine. (I might be slightly jealous-hey don’t judge me) He shows them the responsibilities of what being a Christian man means, and how to love your wife. He makes for sure there’s never a doubt of how much he loves each of them. I admire him and I’m so grateful to be his wife.


Wishing a Happy Father’s Day to my Daddy and my Husband!

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