Hello!!!! Happy Tuesday my good peoples. How was the weekend???? Wish it was still here huh?!?!? Me too! I had an awesome weekend filled with youth and teens celebrating the love of God through mime and dance. Thanks Tasha for the invite! Outside of that, the weather was great (minus the occasional rain storms lol), had some good family time, and loved up on the newest member of the family. Gotta love new babies…they just smell so baby fresh lol. Did I mention, I had the chance to see the “gems”, “sweet pea”, and “the boys”. I love the kids lol. So I wanted to kinda keep the tone going a little from Tamara’s #FBF and do a #TakeMeBackTuesday! Now we’re all 80’s babies around here and we all can relate to this list created by BuzzFeed, or check off things on this list, and even the things in the video. I mean really…who hasn’t drawn the stick “S” before or even that ol’ skool text message?!?!?!? I could go on and on and on…the list would never end lol. If you’re an 80’s baby too (I’ll take early 90’s too lol), what are some things that just take you back?????


sig EF