**Stands up, clears throat**….ah emmm….My name is LaTasha and I’m addicted to ratchet TV!!!!  I know I can’t be the only one with this issue. Ratchet TV has definitely gotten a hold of me, I must say. It all started with “Flavor of Love”, y’all remember that one…Flavor Flaaavvv!!!! After that “I love New York” then “Real Chance of Love” (RIP Real). I did take a glance at “Bad Girls Club” from time to time, but truly this is where it all started.

Some shows I have been into lately is; “Love & Hip-Hop” (all of them), “Braxton Family Values”, “Cutting It In the ATL”, “Marriage Bootcamp”, “Housewives” (mainly NY and ATL), “Basketball Wives” which is about to start back up. I usually am not able to catch the shows on the night they run so my DVR is set and ready to go. So “Love & Hip-Hop”… How about Mimi finally disclosed her part in leaking of that sex tape (although we already knew that). Furthermore, those postpartum hormones are getting the best of Kalenna and your boy Yung Joc is a clown all day every day! Also, I wish the Braxton sisters would make up already, I’m getting bored with the bickering over the same stuff (But I’m still hooked)  Oh and Traci! Lawd… She was a flat out mess on stage at Toni’s concert! Girl was hopping around, looking drunk… Three steps behind on her dance routine but you gotta love her though, lol. Also,  “Cutting It In the ATL” is growing on me.. Not sure why I’m watching it… But I cant seem to look away… (Don’t judge me) and I’m behind on Marriage bootcamp, last episode I watched was the audio tape of Hank and his “mistress” (talk about embarrassing). I hope “Basketball Wives” don’t let me down, if so I could always grab a good book, any suggestions?


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