Happy Tuesday! It’s that time again in our beauty series for us to share some of our skin care and makeup routines. So because I’m such the plain Jane in the bunch, I know NOTHING about makeup lol. I had to reach deep and do some research for this one! So let’s start with skin care first. My daily routine includes cleansing with Pond’s cleansing towelettes (either original and evening soothe), then I moisturize with Aveeno Daily Moisturizer. And that’s it! I’ll occasionally use Aveeno’s foaming facial cleanser in place of the Pond’s. I find that these products works best for me at cleansing and removing excess oil build up with leaving my skin dry. The moisturizer isn’t heavy or oily…which I love!!!! Easy breezy for me in the mornings lol.

Now, onto the heavy stuff…MAKEUP. By no means am I a makeup wearer. When people come with makeup I try to run the other way lol…REALLY! I mean I start backing up, trying to hide, become invisible…everything you can imagine. But I was thinking outside of the box on this one and tried something new…Lipstick! My go to lip routine is lip balm/chap stick (I mean I add a little Victoria Secrets gloss when I’m feeling spunky :).  I stick to lip balm/chap stick’s that do not contain SPF because I have an allergic reaction to it (just imagine your lips feeling like sandpaper or like you have sunburn on them…not fun). So I took to a few friends and my sister (the one that can’t take the trash out until her makeup is done lol) about what they recommended. I wanted to try matte. I think that it looks nice…not too shinny and not too dull. I started looking and doing some price comparison because I didn’t want to spend a fortune on something that I potentially would not like. After a few YT videos and Google searches, I found a few brands at my local BSS (beauty supply store) and Walmart. I came across Wet n Wild, Ruby Kisses, and Black Radiance. My biggest challenge was find lip liners. All of the lip sticks that I tried (at least eight lol) range in price from $1.99-3.99. Colors ranged from nude to red to plum (I told yall I was venturing out lol). My solution to finding lip liners that would match ALL these colors came when I ventured into ULTA a got a little help. Can we say GENIUS!!!! The lady who helped me was super great. My biggest (and best) purchase to date is my clear lip liner! It runs $18.50 at ULTA and it’s called TOO FACED Borderline Anti-feathering Lip Pencil. I love it! I can wear it with any color lip stick and when the lip stick starts to wear off my lips are still lined with the color.

Now, onto my favs thus far. For the “red” color, I’m loving the Black Radiance Perfect Tone Dual Lip Definer in Brickhouse color as well as Spotlight Red from Wet n Wild. I can’t believe I’m saying this…but I’m also liking this Plum Wine by Ruby Kisses. They all go on smooth and don’t leave your lips dry and cracked (super plus). I’m still working on the nudes. Let me know what you think and please offer up suggestions! I’m a work in progress 😉

Until next time beauties…Picture1

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