“Maybe she’s born with it…maybe it’s Maybelline” Ha! Remember that commercial? Do they even still use that tagline? Any who it’s all about make up this week ladies and well to be honest I like to fall somewhere in between those 3 dots. There was a time (mainly when I was single lol) that I would get up, put on a full face and head out for the day. My mom would always tell me “Katesha remember that less is more. You don’t want people to get scared or think you are sick when you don’t have on any makeup.” LOL! Well she couldn’t have been more correct! I definitely did not and still do not want to scare anyone! And actually I think that is a great principle to live by in the makeup arena…less is more.

These days it is very rare, I mean really rare that I wear a full face of makeup during the week. I’m a Sunday only kinda girl unless there is a special occasion where I need to spruce myself up a bit. During the week, if I do anything, I typically fill in my eyebrows, apply some gloss and go. It’s way too hot to do much of anything else right now.  I just have to remind myself when I do fill them in so that I won’t rub my hands over my face and wipe them off LOL!! (Hey it happens lol) In case you’re wondering, I use a dark brown eyebrow pencil to fill in my brows. When I first started I had to learn the hard way not to use a black pencil, talk about looking crazy! LOL!

Eyebrow Collage 

Let’s talk Sunday Morning Look! I wish I had something exciting to share with you here, but I don’t. I like to keep my look as natural as possible. I know, I know, just call me Sarah plain and tall. For my eyes, I usually apply a light brown natural shadow, a little highlighter under my brow and mascara. On those days that I want a bolder look, I add a chocolate brown to get that smokey eye type feel. I love Almay’s eyebrow pallets. They are affordable and have the 3 colors needed to obtain that natural look that I desire. I have dabbled with a few different foundations and I have 2 lines that I like – CoverGirl Queen’s Collection or L’Oreal True Match. They both have a light feel and don’t leave me looking oily. I recently purchased CoverGirl’s Clean Normal Girl to apply under my eyes and around my brows for a smoother look after I’ve applied foundation. It helps get rid of blemishes and those dreadful dark circles under my eyes! After foundation comes a little bronzer on my cheeks for an extra glow! Now one thing that I have come to love is a poppin lip honey! Since I keep the rest of my face basic I tend to like to have fun with my lip color. I’ve come to love (it took me a while to try them out) bright reds, pinks and purples for the summer! Two of my favs right now are Violet by Milani and Fuchsia Flash by Maybelline.

 Make Up Collage

That’s my makeup expertise in a nutshell. I know that it’s pretty basic for a 32 year old, but I hope to take a makeup class with our wonderful makeup artist/photographer, In God’s Image Photography/Makeup Artistry, who beat my face (is that how you say it LOL) in our official Girlfriend blog photos. You’re never too old to learn right?

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Makeup and Photography done by In God’s Image Photography/Makeup Artistry

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