We almost made it through the week, I hope it’s been lovely for ya, just a few days left of our Beauty Summer Series for July.

So, I am sure we ladies have all had a moment where we were caught in mama’s makeup. Lipstick up to our nose and down to our chin. Then we graduated to that Tinkerbelle makeup kit, lol with that eye shadow that was more like baby powder with a sparkle or two.  Once you got a little older, you might have been allowed to put on some colored lip gloss, but that was it.  Eventually your age caught up with your make up interest and You…. began…. to have FUN!


My daily skin care routine consists of using Neutrogena wave sonic spinning power cleaner, in which it comes with its own soap pads. When I am not using that I simply use Neutrogena’s deep clean face wash and moisturize with coconut oil. When wearing make up I first use the makeup remover toilettes (again by Neutrogena) followed by my sonic spinning brush. I have been using this brush for about 3 months and I love it, my skin is smooth and I personally feel like it has a “glow” to it with consistent usage, as of now, I use the brush every other day. When needed, I also use witch hazel or apple cider vinegar as an astringent and during the summer I wash my face with lemon juice and raw honey atleast once a week which smooths out my skin tone and my hyperpigmentation areas.

On to the fun stuff….now, I do not wear makeup every day and typically go weeks without it, BUT when I wear it I do enjoy it. I recently bought some goodies that I’m too excited about, so let me share.

MAC came out with a summer matte 2015 collection a few weeks ago that is giving me life right now, I have taken pictures (lighting wasn’t the best, but you’ll get an idea) of the few I bought along with some blushes I already had or bought during this haul.  I am no makeup artist, but enjoy playing in it and like what I like, which works for me. Haven’t taken any classes….YET, by the way Tanisha Walker has a makeup class coming up in a few weeks check her out. In addition to purchasing these lipsticks I also tried a new foundation (Urban Decay) and some fo real eyeshadows which is also Urban Decay ( ya’ll I was left in the store waaaay too long, lol).

My foundations for reference purposes;  Revlon Photo Ready I’m 010 Carmel, In MAC studio fix fluid and powder I’m NC45 and for my new baby, Urban Decay Naked Skin I’m shade 9.0, my sister is an 8.0 and in MAC c6

Pink Pigeon (Lipstick), Pink Swoon (blush) and Betty-Lou Manizer-theBalm cosmetics  (used as a highlighter)


Stone (lipstick), Sweet As Cocoa (blush) and Global Glow Mineralized SkinFinish (highlighter). My sister, Tropic Tonic (lipstick) Urban Decay “Naked Flushed” in Streaked (bronzer, highlighter & blush palette)


Along with the new lippies I also bought a new foundation Urban Decay Naked Skin. Highlighter/bronzer Betty-Lou Manizer-theBalm cosmetics. Urban Decay 8-hour powder Blush in Bittersweet to go with my Heroine (MAC’s matte lipstick). Last, but not least, Urban Decay Shadow box (my first “expensive” shadows, I had been using E.L.F and Coastal Scents which have been good to me,)


sig LP