Well ladies Sweet Pea is halfway thru her third week of summer camp! Can you believe it?!?!? So far she loves every aspect of it, although drop off in the mornings can still be a little shaky lol. So remember I told you in I Got the Blues…The Final Chapter that she would be attending a part time preschool. This schedule is working perfectly so far! It gives her a chance to interact with kids her age, expose her to the whole aspect of going to school and gives Nana a much needed break in the mornings. I only wish that this lasted all summer long! Since they did not have as many children sign up as they had hoped, she only attended 2 weeks in June and will attend 2 weeks in July. So it’s somewhat of a teaser for her. 😉

I know you are wondering how day 1 went for Sweet Pea and for Mommy and Nana LOL! I was a little nervous but didn’t want to show so Sweet Pea would be at ease. I told her Nana that she couldn’t come to drop off because I wanted that to be my moment. Well to my surprise she comes around the corner dressed saying she was coming LOL! Sike my boo boo huh! I guess she was getting me back from when I didn’t let her stay with me when we brought Sweet Pea home from the hospital, another story for another day lol Any who Nana already had tears in her eyes before we left the house and I made a pact with myself not to look her in her eyes so the tears I was holding in would not free themselves from my tear ducts! (It wasn’t easy lol) Sweet Pea was all chipper and excited until we walked in the gate of the school and she realized Mommy was not going to stay, insert screams and tears! You don’t know how hard it was for me to let her hand go and walk away! The school director looked at me and reassured me that she was going to be fine and they would see me that afternoon. Before I could calm myself down, I had to calm Nana down who had gotten out of the car looking thru the gate to make sure that Sweet Pea was okay. I had to force her to get back in the car! Hilarious!!

Upon pick up that day, Sweet Pea came around the corner with the biggest smile on her face and greeted Mommy with a huge hug! #InsertMommyTearsHere Whew sighs of relief! We made it thru day one. The director let us (yes Nana got out of the car and came in this time LOL) know that she did excellent and only cried for a minute or so after we left. Since that day her morning tears have ceased a little more each day and she’s now just a little hesitant to walk in. She has learned so much already, some good and some bad (kids pick up bad habits so quickly), but nonetheless she’s learning, growing and developing just the way that she should at this age. It’s time for Mommy to learn to let go and finally accept that Sweet Pea is growing up. Sigh…….

Me & Sweet Pea

Sweet Pea & Mommy all smiles at the end of Day 1!

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