There comes a time when you just know it’s time to GO! When you’ve become complacent and lose purpose in what you intended a situation’s outcome to yield. So in saying that, I’m proud to announce that we’re MOVING! We’re very excited to have a fresh start in a new house with plenty of space to call our own for now. The boys are very anxious and anticipating new customized room décor. We’re giving the 10yr old his very own room, which he’s requested a WWE/Wrestling theme. The 3yr & 7yr boys will share a room, which they have requested a Superhero theme. And as for the hubs, he’s requested that our room has a calm, peaceful, tranquil/spa type of presence. So what I’m thinking is… (LOL) sneaking in some really “girly” elements and creating a spa themed master bathroom. I already know I’m going to get called out by this statement, seeing as how the hubs does read my posts lol. I mean you can’t blame a girl for trying, right? I’m the only QUEEN in this family and when it comes to themed parties & rooms, Christmas lists, etc. – I don’t get to explore ANYTHING GIRL-RELATED! Need I remind you I still haven’t seen Frozen! (but will get the chance to make an Elsa inspired tutu for my god-niece’s birthday in a few weeks, super-excited) You can expect to see me share new house projects in the upcoming weeks/months. I pray I don’t bore you with them but inspire you to create! I’m already thinking of all the season and holiday décor changes and Christmas traditions that we get start in our new house. I have created some prints that I will turn into canvas wall art for the boys’ rooms. Here’s a sneak peek at those!

wwe-wrestling art superhero art

More to come soon. We thank you in advance for your prayers that the PACKING and MOVING and then UNPACKING process goes very well and very swift for us!

As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.  ~Joshua 24:15

Have a wonderful and blessed weekend!

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