Happy Friday ladies! I’m sorry to say that my time with you today will be very brief – as today begins MOVING DAY!! We looked around and thought how in the world did we accumulate so much stuff!?!?! (I’m sure we’re not the only ones who’ve experienced this lol) So today is about purging and moving the little things, while I’ll give orders tomorrow to the men on where to put the big things ;D .

So I titled today’s post “Pay Day” because indeed its Friday and we just got paid! (Thank You Jesus!) I’m not sure how your family’s income works but the way my bank account is setup (lol)… I only get paid once a month! So when I rise and give God the glory for a new day and then immediately pull up my bank account to see the blessings (and to make for sure I indeed received my check & my hub’s) I get all kinds of excited lol. See I know that for that moment (purely that moment) its the most money I’ll see for the month. I enjoy giving God praise when we balance our budget sheet against our income and there’s SUFFICIENT funds to make all the necessary payments for the month! There’s nothing like knowing God’s got your back and will meet your every need! He’s ceases to amazing me each and every day of my life because just when the enemy thinks I’m about to join his pity party God supplies! (can somebody shout HALLELUJAH) So for all my girlfriends that got paid today, I pray that your funds are sufficient enough to meet ALL your needs! And I continue to pray for abundance in your life, as I hope you all are praying in mine!

Have wonderfully blessed weekend and enjoy your PAYDAY!

sig TW(here’s a #FBF jam to celebrate the occasion lol)


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