What’s underneath your clothing?

Its Friday beauties! And as I wrap up the Summer Beauty Series 2015, I want to personally thank each and every guest blogger that participated in making our series a success. We also want to thank each and every one of you our girlfriends for supporting us during this series.

So lets talk BODY SHAPERS ladies! Now this isn’t specifically a Summer only beauty secret because I personally wear them all year round, BUT this Summer I learned how effective a SPANX can actually be.  Now I’ve had my fair share of body shapers, girdles, and shape wear whichever your preferred name for them. And I’ve also been a fan of the high waist panty or shorts with corset hooks in the waist. The hooking of the corset portion tends to give me the flattest look in my tummy area. My experience with this type in Summer time has not always been so flattering though. See the thing is with the heat here in the Carolinas thinner/lighter material clothing is a must! But with the thinner/lighter material clothing comes the embarrassment of the body shaper being exposed. So a few weeks ago while shopping at a local women’s clothing store I decided to try on a pair of SPANX. I was very optimistic that because it didn’t have the corset hooking in the midsection that it was only going to smooth me out and cause my tummy to appear more round and have that preggo affect. And much to my surprise it actually didn’t at all! Now, it still doesn’t hold me in as much as the corset type but it does hold and smooth the midsection.

For me, wearing a body shaper gives me needed confidence. I feel better in my clothes and I certainly think I look better in my clothes when I wear them.  I know that for some they’re not the most comfortable but once you’ve worn them for years as I have its just as comfortable as wearing my panties LOL. Over the years, I’ve tried many different types/styles of body shapers trying to get that instant curvy look without putting in the real effort of healthy eating and exercise. It’s a short lived quick fix while I’m still a work in progress! (continue to pray for me)


I really hope you ladies have enjoyed our Summer Beauty Series 2015. We have enjoyed sharing with you and having special guests share as well. We want to personally thank all of our special guests that were featured in this series:  Cannie, “MzNaturalLife” post titled – Listen Up Summer Naturals, Tanisha Walker of In Gods Image post titled – What’s Hot, and Shanna Fife “Ms. Naturally Random” post titled – L.A. Girl Glazed Lip Paint Review. Thank you ladies for your sharing with our Girlfriends!

Have a wonderful weekend, we’ll talk to you next week!

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