Cute outfit, perfect lighting, lip stick/gloss poppin, movie star teeth, SMILE, pose for the camera now CLICK CLICK!! I know my fellow Beyoncé fans immediately started singing Get Me Bodied after that LOLOL!! (Yeah me too, I am yet being delivered lol) Getting back on track…We all love a good selfie, right? Whether you have on a cute outfit or a fresh new do and you’re feeling yourself or you just finished working out and wanted to capture that workout glow, we’ve all been guilty of taking several selfie shots until we find that perfect one to post. Nothing is wrong with that, gon head with your bad “selfie” girl! 🙂 However (here she goes again) there is a negative side to the selfie craze.

It’s not so much the pictures that get on my nerves (although some of the pictures get on my nerves too), it’s more so of the hashtags that appear under the pictures. Now I’m all for self-love and uplifting yourself (as we discussed last week in Beauty Is…) but sometimes I think that some people think a little too much of themselves and the hashtags make them appear very arrogant and somewhat condescending over others. I’ve seen hashtags from #GetOnMyLevel or #GetLikeMe to #YallCantSitWithMe or #ImFlawless and things of the sort. My question then becomes, who said I wanted to get on “your level” and furthermore what is this level that you speak of? Who said that I wanted to be like or sit with you and if I did I may rethink it at this point since you have put yourself on this high pestle. And don’t even get me started on this flawless foolishness, Beyoncé got ya’ll all kinds of confused!! Ha!! Breathe girl LOL! Sorry if I seem really passionate about this because I am. I know it’s your personal page and you have the right to post whatever you want, but on the flip side I still feel like we need to be cognizant of the message we are sending out about ourselves. In my opinion, messages like these are childish and petty. I would expect such behavior as this from teenagers, but grown women? Come on now we should be wayyyy over that phase! What if another woman or young teenage girl is watching you? What if they look up to you and were trying to find a way to come and talk to you but have now shied away from the thought because of your arrogance?

Am I saying that you shouldn’t post selfies with hashtags? Not at all. Post your selfies, love on yourself, but also remember to love on others too. There’s nothing wrong with uplifting another sister while still encouraging yourself. We all have a little arrogance in us; I just feel that it’s just best to keep it to yourself and furthermore pray for God to humble you. Have your little moment, but have it privately. I guess the message I’m trying to push today is that we should be more positive with representing ourselves and more importantly how we represent Christ. Let’s use those selfies and hashtags to encourage a sister, push the Kingdom, and build the body of Christ. Better yet ask God to allow your path, or even better allow your selfie and/or hashtag reach another sister that day that will inspire her instead of tearing her down even further. That’s why we were created anyway, right? #FoodForThought

“The second is like it and is this, You shall love your neighbor as yourself. There is no other commandment greater than these.” Mark 12:31 AMP

#ILoveMySelfie #LoveTheSkinYoureIn #JesusSaves #HeDidItForMe #HeCanDoItForYou

sig KT

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