Singing: ‘cause He’s intentional, never failing… Wow! What an amazing feeling to know that your Heavenly Father is intentional and never failing! I don’t know about you, but this gives me “life.” It motivates and inspires me. I mean the Bible does say “as He is, so are we.” Well doesn’t that mean I’m intentional? And never failing (if I’m doing His will)?? I’m just overjoyed in knowing that ALL things are working for my good! Its just a constant reminder with all the things going on around me in this world, when that job didn’t come through, and that raise wasn’t approved, and the moment of there’s no heartbeat, that God is INTENTIONAL, and never failing. That those things weren’t for me at that time, but knowing still ALL things are working for my good. Its empowering me today (which happens to be Tuesday) to take on life with full intention. To have a purpose for choosing what to say, what to eat, who to associate with, how I treat my family & friends and NOT to just go along with day to day life with no realization of what’s taking place. There was a reason my office got changed, a reason my boss got switched, a reason I was late leaving home this morning… (you catch my drift) and even in all of those things, I know they were and are for my good, my benefit! Its human nature to ask why? and to want to know what lies ahead for us, but we must believe and stand on the promises of God and know He’s got it!

I’m sorry if I’m rambling on a tangent but that song has really opened my mind and my heart to simply accept what God has planned for me in His own time and in His own way. To stop thinking “I” (Superwoman) have it all under control and planned out, because truthfully if those plans aren’t aligned with His will, its simply not going to happen! It’s a weight lifted when you actually submit to His will and allow God to take control. Now for some this is an easy task, while for some of us stubborn (want to be in control) folks – and I did say “us,” so I’m speaking to myself, it takes for things to almost become unbearable before “we” give it over to Him.


Okay let me figure out how to draw this to a close LOL. Remember that each day God awakens you, it’s a new opportunity to live your life with purpose and intention. Because somebody somewhere in this world didn’t wake up!

Alright that is all ladies. Again I apologize for the repetitive drawn out post just to get to that final point!

Have an INTENTIONAL weekend!

sig TW