Me&SweetPeaDo you ever get tired of people pointing out your child’s flaws, whether directly or indirectly? Well today that’s how I’m feeling. My Sweet Pea is flourishing in so many different ways. She has already learned so much from the 2 weeks she has attended preschool and for that I am very grateful. It lets me know that my money isn’t being wasted and that she is teachable so to speak. So where is my frustration? I’m glad you asked…

As I told you previously in Sweet Pea Turns 3, my love is quite the active 3 year old. She knows her ABC’s, can count to 20, knows her colors and shapes. She LOVES to sing and dance, she loves to read, and has memory like none other, yet still to some it appears that isn’t quite meeting the mark. Although her speech is coming along and she is forming sentences, she still expresses herself some thru “baby babble”. I see the way people look at her when she goes into her babble and I try to look past it, not to get offended and go into defense mode over my child. But it’s definitely easier said than done. By the books she is developing just as a normal 3 year old should, hitting milestones just as the charts state, and her doctor has told me that she is perfectly normal. But to the public eye it may seem as though she’s somewhat behind her peers. I do not want to put a label on my baby because I do not believe that anything is wrong with her. Just as she took her time with potty training, she will come into her vocabulary in her time. To be honest sometimes I just find it easier to say to myself, “She was a preemie so she still has time”. But I do not want to think that way or have that label hanging over her head the rest of her life. God designed and created her just the way He saw fit and when she is ready to express herself the “normal” way she will.

I guess my frustration is wrapped around those thoughts of other people and trying not to allow their unspoken opinions about my child play on my mind. If I could place her in a bubble until she’s the communication queen I would (lol) but I know that is not reality. Instead I will just allow her to continue to grow and develop at her own pace. If my husband and I see fit that she needs to see a speech therapist we will make that decision at that time, based off of our own intuition and not the opinions of others. I’m going to continue to work with her and just enjoy watching her grow from one stage to the next.

I’m sorry that today’s post is a little different and I didn’t talk about anything to inspire you per say, but today I just needed to vent and uplift my own spirits. I hope you understand…


sig KT

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