Month: October 2015

#FMF: Excitement!

Excitement – a feeling of great enthusiasm and eagerness

The Planner’s Final Countdown

Happy Friday chicas! Today’s post is brought to you by “the planner” me!! Time is truly flying and if you don’t believe me…. Let me just share a few things with you on today.

Here’s the Final Countdown to the next Holidays through the end of the year as of this morning around 8:50ish (that my family celebrates). And yes Black Friday is a holiday/family tradition for us… it’s a family shopping event for our whole family (stop judging!).


So with that being said I’ve got to get into PLANNING MODE… I’m only 20 days out from my dad’s birthday, 21 days from local Christmas Parade, 26 days from Thanksgiving, 27 days from Black Friday, 34 days from MY BIRTHDAY, 46 days from having a 4 year old (tear), and 55 days from JESUS’ birthday-woohoo. (Wipes sweat from forehead) anybody else tired with me! That’s a lot of planning and decorating to get organized! And just so you know… I’m soooo friggin’ excited about it! (I’m a sucker for this time of the year!)

Now ladies, have you started planning out your Holidays? Shopping Lists?? Family Traditions??? Now’s the time to get started! Good news is, I plan to share some of my tips and lists with you in hopes to #1- get you motivated, #2- get you organized, and #3- get you setup for well-planned (minimal-to-no stress) Holiday events! Are you getting excited? (eyes-closed… please say YES lol) Now, I don’t want to make this solely about “me” and what I have to offer… I’m looking for YOU to share with me and all of us GIRLFRIENDS- your traditions, best tips, fun themes, and even Holiday challenges too! SO DON’T BE SHY and “click that comment link” to tell us all about it!

I look forward to making Holiday memories with my family and my girlfriends!

Have a wonderful weekend and remember to turn your clocks back 1 hour before going to bed on tomorrow!

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T-n-T “Trust in Transition”

The alarm clock once again beat me eye lids this morning. Time to get up, time to get the kids up, fed and dressed. Unlock the door, lock the door, unlock the car door, get the kids buckled up, lock the door, start the car and we’re off. Our “usual” routine, now occasionally……..actually more often than I care to admit, there will be a little hitch in there, someone doesn’t want to get up, the other doesn’t like their outfit or breakfast and at times everyone decides it’s Saturday on a Tuesday. For the most part, I know what to expect, but what about those times when I don’t, when you don’t. The times when you have made a decision, a change, with an intended goal, but have no idea if the outcome will be what you intended it to be. That in between phase, the space before time catches up with what God has said. You know, that wait upon the Lord place, the period of Transition. Transition, defined as “the process or a period of changing from one state or condition to another.”
Transition sometimes can be uncomfortable, uncertain probably because it’s a change from the current, what we know. Whether that’s a job, a new move, new relationship, or even a new position or title, just to name a few. Us GIRLFRIENDS have been experiencing different transitions. One transition in particular for me, was moving out of my parents house. The day of the move I had so much anxiety…..when I think about it I had anxiety even before (I had not packed a thing), granted I was recovering from being ill and had just returned back from NY….oh and I just turned 30 as well (another transition). As my mom and I approached the Uhaul store, she asked me if I was ready and I burst out in tears in the parking lot, I mean that ugly cry, lol. I couldn’t help but think about all of which I was leaving or wouldn’t have anymore, do I have what it takes to “make it” and feeling overwhelmed because failing isn’t even an option, two little people depend on me. I say all this to say that is often how we are when in transition, we don’t stay focused, too busy looking back or looking at what we believe we’re losing that we completely discredit God. We miss that God has given and will give us everything that’s necessary to move to the next level. Remember in Daniel 2:21 it says “…He gives wisdom to the wise and knowledge to the discerning”……that’s us!!! Now sometimes because we lack to prepare when God first gives us the inclination for change, we then “suffer” with the extra anxiety, like myself and moving, and yes there will be bumps that arise during the journey, the spiritual realms of who you were and who you are going to now be collide during the transition and the bump in the road may feel like your whole world is crumbling, but rest assured it is just the process. What I would encourage during transitioning is to realize that God is present, yes your comfort zone is cozy, but you can’t stay there forever. Trust God, trust the confirmation you have received, have faith that though it doesn’t completely add up, God will grant the rest.



sig LP

Dare To Be Different

DifferentEver wondered why being different is viewed as being a bad thing? No? Just me? That’s fine.  I’m cool with being the only one. I’m just at a place in my life right now where I’m doing a lot of thinking and evaluating. This concept or thought of being different has been playing on my mind a lot recently which has spun off into a series of questions in my brain, so what better way to get it out then to share with my girlfriends.

I’m the type of person that does a lot of thinking, observing and then in turn am not afraid to share my opinion even if it is contrary to popular opinion of the consensus amongst a group. Or am I? The older I get sometimes I find myself shying away from that and instead keep my comments to myself to keep the peace so to speak or to not seem like the “devil’s advocate” in every conversation. I recently felt SO convicted after a conversation amongst some peers where I didn’t agree to the topic of discussion and chose not to speak up. Katesha man up! You were built for this; you were created to be different. *Shame face* Lord forgive me, help me to do better. Help me stand boldly and proclaim right from wrong and do so in a manner that represents your Kingdom in the best way possible.

If this be the case, again why is it so hard to be different? As Christians we were designed to be just that different…in the world but not of the world. We may have to stand alone on what is perceived as acceptable by the world, but condemned amongst the body of Christ. God’s way is the only way; the Bible still remains true and will always be true! People can dispute it, put their own twist on it all they want, its truth still remains the same. Sin is sin and if it goes against my salvation, disrespects my Savior or threatens my spot in my Heavenly home, then I’m sorry I can’t be a part of it. Point. Blank. Period.

That means that we must live by this standard no matter what the nay sayer does or how it makes you feel. Stand boldly on your declaration of being different. Don’t give in or be ashamed to add your 2 cents. Don’t lower your standards just to fit in. Have confidence, better yet have “Godfidence” and feel good about it! We are to be set apart and may not always be voted most popular by the world’s standards but remember that in God’s eyesight we are top of the line girl! We are as good as it gets!!! (I’m speaking to myself as well).

So the next time you are granted the opportunity to speak up in the midst of family, friends, coworkers and/or complete strangers, do that. Dare to be different, I promise you will not regret it.

For you are a holy people [set apart] to the Lord your God; the Lord your God has chosen you out of all the peoples on the face of the earth to be a people for His own possession [that is, His very special treasure]. ~ Deuteronomy 7:6

Since we have gifts that differ according to the grace given to us, each of us is to use them accordingly: if [someone has the gift of] prophecy, [let him speak a new message from God to His people] in proportion to the faith possessed; ~ Romans 12:6

Peace & Blessings,

sig KT

#FMF: Aggie Pride!

#FMF: Aggie Pride!

AGGIE PRIDE Achieving Great Goals In Everything – Producing Renowned Individuals 
Dedicated To Excellence

The essence of Aggie Pride is manifested in standards depicting what it truly means to be a responsible member of The North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University Family. These standards provide the impetus and inspiration, which motivate students, faculty, staff, administrators, and trustees alike in their perpetual commitment to excellence. North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University has a unique legacy of nurturing individual students to realize their fullest potential. ~Urban Dictionary

We are the home of the “Greatest Homecoming On Earth” #GHOE

nc a&t

For those of you that were unaware, 3 of the GIRLFRIENDS. are alums of NC A&T!  We rep our Aggie Pride!

So to all our fellow Aggies, we say AGGIE PRIDE! And enjoy the Greatest Homecoming On Earth this weekend!!

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Tornado Warning

Hey Ladies, it has been more than a minute since I last posted something. There is so much that has happened, so much change we’ll be catching up for a bit. Big thanks to my GIRLFRIENDS that didn’t make me feel bad not even for a second for taking a time out just to breathe and keep my head above water.


Tornado Warning
I sit here and raise my hands to the keyboard positioned before me. It waits to receive what I have to offer, my thoughts, the very details or the lack there of. They say its good to express yourself or “get it out”, writing is therapeutic. For me, I also believe occasionally there is a time when sooo, so very much is going on at different levels that it seems damn near impossible to grasp a hold of anything to even talk about, share, vent. Perhaps I am the only one that feels this way. Overwhelmed, flooded, at loss for words is an understatement. It was natural for me to take a moment, a break, to where I didn’t have to “face” the storm. Now I will take a moment to view this particular season in life, this Tornado. Here lately, I had watched the signs of a storm, the funnel clouds, the “I’m sorry we went with another applicant on the townhouse”, the changes within my relationship, unexpected vital car repair that of course occurs at the same time all kid related financial obligations rest in my pockets only because……I’m mom. The unappreciated moments when I leave MY sick family to care for anothers…..the work place where often times I can’t even get a “thank you”. At times in fact I’m spoken to in such a way only the Lord can hold my tongue as I provide the best care for their loved ones, my patient. Thats the other side of nursing and then you have fools on TV to make a mockery over the sacrifices made daily by nurses….with our “doctor’s stethoscope”. It had been the little funnel clouds that hadn’t quite touched ground, but enough to get my attention.
We’ve got a touchdown, July 12th after working a 12 hour shift I was woken up out of my sleep with severe abdominal pain, bloat and nausea, that shortly had me and the toilet singing “Ohhhh……Go best friend, that’s my best friend, thats my best friend” lol. Eventually I just couldn’t take the pain anymore, to the ED I go, which as a nurse its always hard to go. After some testing I had a diagnosis of infectious colitis and enteritis which 3 days later I found to be caused by salmonella food poison. THE WORSE pain I’ve experienced thus far. I lost almost 20lbs and was out of work for two weeks. Getting out of the bed seemed to be a difficult task I was beyond weak. Not to mention the complications I experienced, phlebitis from my IV that was placed and thrush from the antibiotics. That was the first tornado to touchdown. The dust has settled and losses are accounted for, but wait……is that another funnel cloud.


sig LP


Hard to Say Goodbye…

“Katesha, he didn’t make it”…. “Huh”….. “He didn’t make it”………………………………………

This conversation has replayed in my mind repeatedly since last Thursday. I arrived at the hospital where I thought I would receive an update that my uncle had been admitted but was doing fine. Instead I got shock that was much unexpected.

As I drove thru traffic trying to stay focused, I prayed to God to please allow everything to be okay when I arrived at the hospital. I wanted to cry, I wanted to scream, yet as I prayed for healing the Spirit kept leading me to pray for peace and for the rest of my family. As I got closer to the hospital, the same where my Grandmother passed last year, I noticed my GPS was taking me to the same parking deck that we parked in day in and out while Grandma was there. My anxiety started to increase as memories came back to mind of the long walk to the car after she made her transition. “Lord please spare us from having to take the same walk today.” I hadn’t spoken to anyone from my family to see where they were in the hospital so I just started walking and after about 15 minutes finally asked for directions and was told my uncle was still in the emergency room. Once I arrived to the desk in the ER, I did not see any of my family in the waiting room. I asked for him by name and a somber look came over the nurse’s face as she said “I’ll take to you where the family is”. When I entered the room and saw the faces of my family I knew something wasn’t right and was when I heard

“Katesha, he didn’t make it.”

I was in a state of shock, and still am. What happened? When? Are you sure? I just couldn’t understand and honestly still do not. I know that God makes no mistakes and that it was my uncle’s time, but still we weren’t/aren’t ready to say goodbye. We were just getting to a place of acceptance of Grandma not being here and now we have to go thru this process all over again. Yes I know that death is a part of life and at some point we will all have to face it but it still doesn’t make it any easier. Thankfully the Lord has spared my family to not have to endure many deaths until the last 2 years. Grandma’s transition was hard, but she was blessed to see 87 years. This one may be a little harder, he was only in his early 60’s, he’s still supposed to be here laughing and enjoying life.

Although I’m hurting and extremely brokenhearted I have to try to remain strong for my mother, who has now lost her mother and now a brother. It pains me to see her in so much pain. The puffy eyes, the worried looks, the blank stares into space. I want to grab her and hold her and make all of the pain go away, but I can’t. Sadly this is just a hard situation and the only way we will make it through is by the help our Holy Spirit.

So today I solicit your prayers as my family and I prepare to say a final farewell to our beloved husband, father, grandfather, brother, uncle and friend. I’m going to miss you terribly, but am comforted in knowing that you now rest in the arms of our savior Jesus Christ. You are no longer suffering from the cares of this wicked world, but have gained your crown in Glory. I love you so much Uncle Kenny. Thank you for being an awesome uncle, for loving me like I was your own, for spoiling your great niece…I will miss your smile, your laughter, your humor, character and whit.

May you rest in eternal Paradise, until we meet again…

sig KT

Uncle Kenny - Oct. 21
Kenneth Williams, Sr.
January 27, 1953 – October 15, 2015




Joy – a feeling of great pleasure and happiness

Its Friday and I’m ready to be filled… filled with JOY!

I’ve got joy in knowing that God has placed certain people (special people) in my life that just simply “get me.” I had the best conversation with one of the GIRLFRIENDS yesterday afternoon about a radio interview she had listened to, that immediately made her think of us (her & I). We just have that type of relationship/friendship that goes unfiltered. She really knows how to bring out the best parts of me and I hope, I do the same for her. She inspires me to push when I’ve already thrown in the towel. It gives me great JOY just knowing I have all 3 of the GIRLFRIENDS in my corner – I’m truly blessed!

You make known to me the path of life; you will fill me with joy in your presence, with eternal pleasures at your right hand. – Psalm 16:11 (NIV)

So please share with me, what brings/gives you joy? Are you able to still find joy when life throws you lemons?

Dear girlfriends, I ask that you say a little prayer for our dear GIRLFRIEND-Katesha, her family suffered an unexpected loss on last evening. A prayer of peace, comfort, and of joy!

So for now you are in grief; but I will see you again, and [then] your hearts will rejoice, and no one will take away from you your [great] joy. – John 16:22  (AMP)

We would like to thank each of you that entered in our very first giveaway it was such a joy to host it for you. Look forward to more giveaways to come!!

And without further adieu the winner of the Live ON Purpose book is

Marian Harris


Have a wonderful Friday and weekend!

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Out of the Ordinary…

Out of the Ordinary PicIs it Wednesday already? This week is flying by and today is definitely not an ordinary day! I have to facilitate 3 webinars today! Pray for a sista saints!

With that being said, I’ve been so busy this week that I did not get a chance to finish working on a piece that I want to share with you. So not to give you some half written mess, I decided I’d share yet another blast from the past with you today.

It was hard deciding which post to share but I decided on, An EXTRA-ordinary Love. Now this was my Valentine’s Day post so don’t get thrown off by that. I can still spread a little love in October and the message within the post goes beyond just February 14th! Trust me, have I every steered you the wrong way? 😉

I hope you enjoy this archived treat and I’ll get back with you all next week!

Peace & Blessings,

sig KT

Wanna Be Happy?


Happy Tuesday luvs!!!! Have you ever had that moment when you question everything in your life?!?! Whether it’s work, family/friends, faith, decisions, self-image and worth, and the list could go on for days. During all of that doubt that’s stirring up and those racing thoughts, have you stopped and summed it up to “I just wanna be happy”?

As I often do during my Monday morning commute into work (2.5 hr drive) I have time for reflection, that “me” time, that time when you reconnect yourself to the things that really matter. Now, let me pause for a second and give a little background. I visit family on the weekends and I leave dark and early on Mondays; but, this drive was also vital communication time between me and my husband. So now, I listen to gospel/inspirational because I can sing my way home lol but it also speaks to my spirit especially when the going gets tough. At this moment, life sure does have its challenges.

Like any other Monday, listening to Slacker Radio jamming down I-85S at 4am, Wanna Be Happy by Kirk Franklin comes on.  The lyrics, as always, were right on time. I won’t dissect it all, but who’s not cried their eyes out or entrusted the core of their being in the hands of man for them to be a disappointment? How can I place blame on anything/anyone else if I don’t change what I’ve been doing and how I’ve been doing it that leads me nowhere? I’m not happy because I continuously let myself get in the way; whether it’s making excuses or procrastinating. There comes a point when you have to remove yourself and let your faith be present.

If you’re tired of being the same
If you’re tired of things not changing
It’s time for you to gt out the way
Don’t get stuck in how you feel
Say Jesus take the wheel
He knows the road that you need to take
If you wanna be happy

As we all go through this thing called life, I challenge you to BE HAPPY. Whether it’s going after a new job, moving to a new city, or following your dreams and passions, activate your faith and embrace the journey.

sig EF


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