Last week I had the opportunity to attend a young professional’s round table seminar (thankful for a job that promotes professional development) and the topic could not have been more perfect after the month I just had. The title of this seminar was “Living the Dream on the Balance Beam of Life.” BOOM! Before it even started I was like did he write this just for me? I quickly grabbed a seat at the front of the room with pen and paper in hand ready to soak up all the speaker had to offer!

Girlfriends when I tell you his presentation was awesome from start to finish! By the time he was done I had 3 pages of notes and was somewhat sad that the presentation was over. I hadn’t even noticed that an hour and a half had passed, I was that in tune with what was being taught. To be honest I had to remind myself that I was not in church as I caught myself say “That’s good” out loud LOL!!! I can’t help it, I’m so churchy!!! Anyway this information was so good of course I had to share it with my girlfriends!

Balance Pic


The presenter gave his Top Ten Tips to have a successful Work – Life Balance:

10. Set reminders of what’s important to you
– Have a plan for your day
9. Validate your own perceptions
– Ask others how you are doing
8. Don’t be afraid to say No!
– Avoid being put on the spot -> Rehearse your exit strategy
– Being everything to everybody is likely a recipe for failure
7. Leverage Your Autonomy
– If you are able, work your flex time; include your family in work functions
6. Improve your financial situation
– Reduce consumption, increase savings
– Less pressure on the job = more control of your life
5. Use technology to your advantage
– Schedule everything!!! -> Use Outlook to schedule set times for daily tasks
– Leave room for the unexpected
4. Hire a Butler!
– Focus on your strengths
– You can’t be good at everything -> identify areas where you aren’t strong and
hire someone else to do it
i.e. yard work
3. Establish Your Frequency!
– Urgent vs. Not Urgent
– Important vs. Not Important
2. Improve (or maintain an adequate) Fitness Level!
– Produces a positive, upward spiral
1. Identify Your Big Rocks!
– What’s most important to you?
– Do your actions show it?
– Practice of Mindfulness -> be where you are, stop thinking about other things,
focus on what you are doing at that moment ONLY

I hope these notes bless you all just as much as the presentation blessed me! I’m going to work on applying these tips to my life one step at a time. Prayerfully with these tips, a little due diligence on our part and the help of the Lord, we will all learn to start balancing it all!!

Peace and Blessings,

sig KT

Notes adapted from Aubie Knight, CEO of Independent Insurance Agents of North Carolina, Inc.