Happy Tuesday luvs!!!! Have you ever had that moment when you question everything in your life?!?! Whether it’s work, family/friends, faith, decisions, self-image and worth, and the list could go on for days. During all of that doubt that’s stirring up and those racing thoughts, have you stopped and summed it up to “I just wanna be happy”?

As I often do during my Monday morning commute into work (2.5 hr drive) I have time for reflection, that “me” time, that time when you reconnect yourself to the things that really matter. Now, let me pause for a second and give a little background. I visit family on the weekends and I leave dark and early on Mondays; but, this drive was also vital communication time between me and my husband. So now, I listen to gospel/inspirational because I can sing my way home lol but it also speaks to my spirit especially when the going gets tough. At this moment, life sure does have its challenges.

Like any other Monday, listening to Slacker Radio jamming down I-85S at 4am, Wanna Be Happy by Kirk Franklin comes on.  The lyrics, as always, were right on time. I won’t dissect it all, but who’s not cried their eyes out or entrusted the core of their being in the hands of man for them to be a disappointment? How can I place blame on anything/anyone else if I don’t change what I’ve been doing and how I’ve been doing it that leads me nowhere? I’m not happy because I continuously let myself get in the way; whether it’s making excuses or procrastinating. There comes a point when you have to remove yourself and let your faith be present.

If you’re tired of being the same
If you’re tired of things not changing
It’s time for you to gt out the way
Don’t get stuck in how you feel
Say Jesus take the wheel
He knows the road that you need to take
If you wanna be happy

As we all go through this thing called life, I challenge you to BE HAPPY. Whether it’s going after a new job, moving to a new city, or following your dreams and passions, activate your faith and embrace the journey.

sig EF