“Katesha, he didn’t make it”…. “Huh”….. “He didn’t make it”………………………………………

This conversation has replayed in my mind repeatedly since last Thursday. I arrived at the hospital where I thought I would receive an update that my uncle had been admitted but was doing fine. Instead I got shock that was much unexpected.

As I drove thru traffic trying to stay focused, I prayed to God to please allow everything to be okay when I arrived at the hospital. I wanted to cry, I wanted to scream, yet as I prayed for healing the Spirit kept leading me to pray for peace and for the rest of my family. As I got closer to the hospital, the same where my Grandmother passed last year, I noticed my GPS was taking me to the same parking deck that we parked in day in and out while Grandma was there. My anxiety started to increase as memories came back to mind of the long walk to the car after she made her transition. “Lord please spare us from having to take the same walk today.” I hadn’t spoken to anyone from my family to see where they were in the hospital so I just started walking and after about 15 minutes finally asked for directions and was told my uncle was still in the emergency room. Once I arrived to the desk in the ER, I did not see any of my family in the waiting room. I asked for him by name and a somber look came over the nurse’s face as she said “I’ll take to you where the family is”. When I entered the room and saw the faces of my family I knew something wasn’t right and was when I heard

“Katesha, he didn’t make it.”

I was in a state of shock, and still am. What happened? When? Are you sure? I just couldn’t understand and honestly still do not. I know that God makes no mistakes and that it was my uncle’s time, but still we weren’t/aren’t ready to say goodbye. We were just getting to a place of acceptance of Grandma not being here and now we have to go thru this process all over again. Yes I know that death is a part of life and at some point we will all have to face it but it still doesn’t make it any easier. Thankfully the Lord has spared my family to not have to endure many deaths until the last 2 years. Grandma’s transition was hard, but she was blessed to see 87 years. This one may be a little harder, he was only in his early 60’s, he’s still supposed to be here laughing and enjoying life.

Although I’m hurting and extremely brokenhearted I have to try to remain strong for my mother, who has now lost her mother and now a brother. It pains me to see her in so much pain. The puffy eyes, the worried looks, the blank stares into space. I want to grab her and hold her and make all of the pain go away, but I can’t. Sadly this is just a hard situation and the only way we will make it through is by the help our Holy Spirit.

So today I solicit your prayers as my family and I prepare to say a final farewell to our beloved husband, father, grandfather, brother, uncle and friend. I’m going to miss you terribly, but am comforted in knowing that you now rest in the arms of our savior Jesus Christ. You are no longer suffering from the cares of this wicked world, but have gained your crown in Glory. I love you so much Uncle Kenny. Thank you for being an awesome uncle, for loving me like I was your own, for spoiling your great niece…I will miss your smile, your laughter, your humor, character and whit.

May you rest in eternal Paradise, until we meet again…

sig KT

Uncle Kenny - Oct. 21
Kenneth Williams, Sr.
January 27, 1953 – October 15, 2015