Hey Ladies, it has been more than a minute since I last posted something. There is so much that has happened, so much change we’ll be catching up for a bit. Big thanks to my GIRLFRIENDS that didn’t make me feel bad not even for a second for taking a time out just to breathe and keep my head above water.


Tornado Warning
I sit here and raise my hands to the keyboard positioned before me. It waits to receive what I have to offer, my thoughts, the very details or the lack there of. They say its good to express yourself or “get it out”, writing is therapeutic. For me, I also believe occasionally there is a time when sooo, so very much is going on at different levels that it seems damn near impossible to grasp a hold of anything to even talk about, share, vent. Perhaps I am the only one that feels this way. Overwhelmed, flooded, at loss for words is an understatement. It was natural for me to take a moment, a break, to where I didn’t have to “face” the storm. Now I will take a moment to view this particular season in life, this Tornado. Here lately, I had watched the signs of a storm, the funnel clouds, the “I’m sorry we went with another applicant on the townhouse”, the changes within my relationship, unexpected vital car repair that of course occurs at the same time all kid related financial obligations rest in my pockets only because……I’m mom. The unappreciated moments when I leave MY sick family to care for anothers…..the work place where often times I can’t even get a “thank you”. At times in fact I’m spoken to in such a way only the Lord can hold my tongue as I provide the best care for their loved ones, my patient. Thats the other side of nursing and then you have fools on TV to make a mockery over the sacrifices made daily by nurses….with our “doctor’s stethoscope”. It had been the little funnel clouds that hadn’t quite touched ground, but enough to get my attention.
We’ve got a touchdown, July 12th after working a 12 hour shift I was woken up out of my sleep with severe abdominal pain, bloat and nausea, that shortly had me and the toilet singing “Ohhhh……Go best friend, that’s my best friend, thats my best friend” lol. Eventually I just couldn’t take the pain anymore, to the ED I go, which as a nurse its always hard to go. After some testing I had a diagnosis of infectious colitis and enteritis which 3 days later I found to be caused by salmonella food poison. THE WORSE pain I’ve experienced thus far. I lost almost 20lbs and was out of work for two weeks. Getting out of the bed seemed to be a difficult task I was beyond weak. Not to mention the complications I experienced, phlebitis from my IV that was placed and thrush from the antibiotics. That was the first tornado to touchdown. The dust has settled and losses are accounted for, but wait……is that another funnel cloud.


sig LP