Excitement – a feeling of great enthusiasm and eagerness

The Planner’s Final Countdown

Happy Friday chicas! Today’s post is brought to you by “the planner” me!! Time is truly flying and if you don’t believe me…. Let me just share a few things with you on today.

Here’s the Final Countdown to the next Holidays through the end of the year as of this morning around 8:50ish (that my family celebrates). And yes Black Friday is a holiday/family tradition for us… it’s a family shopping event for our whole family (stop judging!).


So with that being said I’ve got to get into PLANNING MODE… I’m only 20 days out from my dad’s birthday, 21 days from local Christmas Parade, 26 days from Thanksgiving, 27 days from Black Friday, 34 days from MY BIRTHDAY, 46 days from having a 4 year old (tear), and 55 days from JESUS’ birthday-woohoo. (Wipes sweat from forehead) anybody else tired with me! That’s a lot of planning and decorating to get organized! And just so you know… I’m soooo friggin’ excited about it! (I’m a sucker for this time of the year!)

Now ladies, have you started planning out your Holidays? Shopping Lists?? Family Traditions??? Now’s the time to get started! Good news is, I plan to share some of my tips and lists with you in hopes to #1- get you motivated, #2- get you organized, and #3- get you setup for well-planned (minimal-to-no stress) Holiday events! Are you getting excited? (eyes-closed… please say YES lol) Now, I don’t want to make this solely about “me” and what I have to offer… I’m looking for YOU to share with me and all of us GIRLFRIENDS- your traditions, best tips, fun themes, and even Holiday challenges too! SO DON’T BE SHY and “click that comment link” to tell us all about it!

I look forward to making Holiday memories with my family and my girlfriends!

Have a wonderful weekend and remember to turn your clocks back 1 hour before going to bed on tomorrow!

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