The fight between me and the blankets starts early tonight. The hot, cold, fan on fan off entertainment of the evening as I attempt to restore the energy the day before drained me of, I “sleep”. Excited about this extra hour of rest I so deeply deserve on this Sunday morning. The alarm goes off of course just when the sleep was getting good, when the battles and entertainment of the right temperature settled. I hit the snooze button on my phone. Ugh…..alarm again, this time its my second alarm, I dread over sleeping for work. That alarm one more time, YES!!!!! 2 more minutes, (yes, I’m that girl). Finally I get up, do my morning routine before work, as I’m locking my door I notice my “little old man” neighbor isn’t awake yet hmmm…..I proceed to the car. As I make my way to the main road I check my clock in the car, I intentionally have set it 4-5 min fast it helps with my tardiness. So it roughly matches my phone’s time. I think to myself, Oh wow, I didn’t know my car will automatically reset my clock, must be that last service update I received at the dealership. I make my way to the highway and of course it’s not busy at all, it usually isn’t on an early Sunday morning, but I found the cars to be more scarce today, I take a look at the time again, I’m good on time, wait is this the right time?! I laugh, yea it’s the right time, your phone does the switch automatically. I just keep driving as Dory’ s little voice plays “Just keep swimming, swimming, swimming”, you’d only understand if you’ve seen “Finding Nemo”. Anyways I get off at my exit and turn into the parking garage. What!? why the heck is the guard down? I pull out my badge and wave it in front of the pad around and around I go, I hit the third floor and see a FEW people getting out of their cars, again not unusual it is Sunday. Fourth floor………..EMPTY, now this is unusual, I park close to the stairwell and now I am concerned. I look at my time on my phone again, I try to go on WRAL and check the time there, I only see the current outside temperature and that took forever to come up, Sprint and it’s service. I turn off the phone and then turn it back on. 5:27am stuns my screen, no freaky way!!!!! My phone didn’t reset the time, I’m at work an hour early, no point in going back home to lay down, though my bed would love to have me. After the frustration dies down, I laugh at myself, another car pulls up beside me, I find myself seeping into my chair trying not to be seen, but then think to myself, heck, you made the same mistake I did, LOL. I reach for my makeup bag, planning to do a full beat face since I have all this extra time. As my eye shadow brush strokes my eyelid I ask the Lord, why? why would you have me wake up sooooo early, knowing how tired I was?…….I received this very clearly, PAY ATTENTION, DON’T MISS THE SIGNS. I know this particular situation, arriving somewhere an hour early in minute, but the lesson is BIG. How often do we see the signs and ignore them? At times we even have a “feeling” an intuition about something, discernment and still miss it or chose to ignore them. Until next time good people, PAY ATTENTION, DON’T MISS THE SIGNS.


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