Good day I am back again, this week I have a few questions related to parenting and school. So yesterday I was helping my six year old with her homework. Every month she comes home with a monthly homework calendar in which she can complete in her own time. With that being said, sometimes we follow the calendar day by day and other times we may complete a few days worth at a time (usually depends on her mood and the little one). Last night she had the task of completing a reading response to a book she had just read. The book reading, no big deal, she has been a strong reader, but the writing………is a different story. Though she is six, I try to encourage her to use her resources (besides me) when trying to spell, for example, using the book she has read, the Ipad and even my phone (she has definitely asked Siri a few times how to spell something. Question #1: is that too much?!?! My sour patch kid (you have to know her to understand the true reference) does a great job spelling phonetically, though she does not read this way. Let me explain, with writing the word MOVE she may write it as M-U-V or M-O-O-V, but in reading she will read it correctly. As the sole person helping with homework I find that I am getting so frustrated with this. I found myself saying, “Hunay you just read this word, why would you spell it like this?” which at this point, homework is not productive, not only have I hurt her feelings, but to her, I also took a jab at her confidence. Question #2: what can I do to help the homework process? Personally, writing has ALWAYS been a challenge for me, and I HATE proof reading my own stuff. I will see what I want to see, (hey, that applies to my life too sometimes, IJS) so this may hinder my ability to help her too. Perhaps she’s just distracted during homework time, there is often a 2 year old little boy hanging from her chair or snatching her pencil. Which I do try to get her set up and instructions given with homework first and then find something for him to do, but often times I’m juggling them both. Lets just say at the end of homework time yesterday while I was on the kitchen floor with the little prince doing fridge phonics, I received this paper airplane letter.


Anyone with experience or tips please helps us!!!!


sig LP

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