Hi ladies. I hope each of you had a great Thanksgiving! Indeed its Friday and I started to feel guilty about allowing another Friday to go by and not say something. Truth is, life has taken its toll and the desire to write and inspire others just hasn’t found its way to this blog for me, when I’m in need of some inspiring myself.

In life we (I) can walk through daily life with blinders on. Only seeing that which I want to see and imagining the rough areas to be “okay” when truly things are falling apart. I can convince myself that this is just a bad day and tomorrow will bring the blinders of ignoring what happened the day before. I can use blinders to to blur the reality of whats going on around me. I can use blinders to shield my heart from true emotions. Yes, I understand that this is a horrible thing and to just keep things honest I am embarrassed by it, but its all true. I use blinders.


So just know that your GIRLFRIEND. is working on it. Its been hard for some to accept it because they’re so used to them, that they can’t tell the real from the fake. They simply don’t know if this is just a phase or a completely new me (and how long it will last). A part of my healing/deliverance is to accept the reality – I’m a imperfect Christian, that has gone through life with blinders.

Ladies your GIRLFRIEND. could really use your prayers and support. So please in your private time with God whisper my name (Tamara).

I thank you all in advance for your prayers and hope that you have a wonderful weekend. Thanks for your time and lending ears/eyes.

sig TW


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