christmas-ornament-1042543_1280Hello luvs!!! I hope everyone enjoyed time with family and friends and maybe even did a little shopping over the Thanksgiving holiday. So I started my post a few weeks ago (and struggled with it ever since) when I read a blog post from another blogger who also happens to be my natural hair stylist; and it was exactly how I was feeling that day and towards others (friends/family) who i deal with on a daily basis and them interacting with me. I pray that my posts is shared with others who may be in this reality right now or can give you a glimpse of what it’s like for others walking in this journey.

This post by was right on time! Thank you Kelley for sharing your transparency.

Struggling to write a blog post for today (and every other Tuesday) this is what the past 11 months have been for me and continues to be. Grieving is never an easy task, but navigate it at you own pace. It gets easier with time and that time differs from person to person.  Don’t let society or anyone else dictate when you should move on. When one is diagnosed with cancer we both are diagnosed. Living the life of a cancer patient is hard work. The endless nights of no sleep, the never-missing a scheduled dose of pain meds, comforting when there’s nothing you can physically do to help, sleeping in a hospital chair for 8 weeks, listening to monitors beep and go off 24/7, explaining things over-and-over because their sense of time is off due to a long hospital stay…and the list could continue forever, but it is absolutely depleting. Now take that, rev it up, and say goodbye all in about six months. Welcome to the life…

Our society expects us to always keep going and stay busy. Whether it’s working countless hours to provide for your home, taking care of your family, being a friend, sister, auntie, God-mother…or whatever it is that keeps you on the move. I’ve come to a point where I need to tap out…I need a minute from life to just sit still. When you stay continuously moving, you get burned out; sheer exhaustion. Work is a blur and my focus is all over the place except where it needs to be. How do you press pause on life when you depend on it so heavily? As each day goes by, I try to understand what that might look like for me. How can I live/survive, take care of my home and responsibilities; how to live in simplicity…

As I approach the end of the year, I try to stay uplifted and positive as I continue to do for others. Keeping busy helps redirect the emotions that it’s almost been a year. Some days it feels as if I’m still in the first 24 hours and others seems like an eternity ago; but I keep pressing on. As we’re in the season and spirit of giving, don’t just give tangibly. Love up on those around you, mend those broken or not talked about relationships, extend your time and energy to someone that might need it for whatever reason. We’re placed here with plan and purpose. Let’s fulfill it without regret.

I pray that everyone has a wonderfully blessed remaining 2015. I’ll see you in 2016!!!!!

sig EF

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